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Ohio University, Kettering Health agreement expands collaborative medical and health research opportunities

Ohio University and Kettering Health have entered into a research collaboration agreement that will serve as a framework for future joint research projects.

OHIO and Kettering Health, a nonprofit network of hospitals and outpatient facilities in southwest Ohio, have long been collaborators, and the new agreement will help to encourage and streamline medical research projects.

“We are excited to see the products of the collaboration with Kettering Health,” OHIO President Hugh Sherman, Ph.D., said. “Both institutions have highly-regarded research programs with a focus on improving healthcare outcomes, and with this agreement we plan to expand these programs.”

“This agreement establishes a framework for future research collaborations, reducing administrative time and effort when establishing new projects,” said Joseph Shields, Ph.D., Ohio University’s vice president for research and creative activity. “We look forward to working with Kettering Health’s talented researchers and clinicians in generating new discoveries to benefit medicine and health.”

OHIO and Kettering Health already enjoy a productive relationship. Researchers from OHIO and Kettering Health have worked together on research in the past. In addition, Kettering Health has long provided third- and fourth-year rotations for many Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine students. Likewise, OHIO has provided workshops and seminars for Kettering Health personnel.

“This collaboration agreement will set the stage for multidisciplinary research and innovation, bringing academic researchers from OU together with Kettering Health clinicians,” says Mary Connolly, Ph.D., CRCP, Director of Innovation, Research & Grants at Kettering Health. “These teams will identify pressing clinical and social needs and work together to advance medicine and improve the quality of life for people in our community.”

“Our relationship with Kettering Health dates to the very founding of our medical school,” said Kenneth Johnson, D.O., Ohio University chief medical affairs officer and executive dean of the Heritage College. “Together we’ve achieved so much in training physicians who serve our communities. Now, it will be much easier for more faculty across the university to collaborate with Kettering Health on research that promotes patient and community health.”

Ohio University maintains a high level of research activity on a wide variety of medical and health-related areas, including clinical research and trials. Kettering Health collaborates with drug and device companies, health care researchers and practitioners to make a difference in people’s health.

June 23, 2021
Staff reports