PR NEWS interviews Jolley about 2021 marketing trends

Dr. Jason Jolley, professor of rural economic development and director of the Master of Public Administration program at Ohio University’s Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, was quoted in a recent PR NEWS article about 2021 marketing trends.

Jolley discussed the pandemic’s impact on spending habits and business attempts to capitalize on social issues.

“We have seen a change in spending habits during the COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns,” Jolley says in the article. “Over the next year or two, many consumers will have less disposable income to purchase goods and services.”

Companies that try to appeal to consumers’ ideals may want to think again, Jolley continues.

“While some marketing efforts have tried to capture concerns about diversity and Black Lives Matter, businesses and their PR teams must focus on more authentic and genuine efforts to reflect and support diversity if they want to target socially conscious consumers.”

Author Daniel Kim writes that despite the previous year’s disruption to various industries, companies and organizations can still grow by anticipating the public’s wants and needs. Jolley was one of several experts Kim interviewed for insights on the topic.

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March 8, 2021
Rebecca Harhai