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Outreach Forum will discuss civics, democracy and social justice in education

Published: February 16, 2021 Author: Staff reports

The Patton College of Education is featuring the Outreach Forum “Leading Discussions on Civics, Democracy and Social Justice in Education” on Monday, Feb. 22, from noon to 1:30 p.m. via Microsoft Teams

The forum will discuss what it means to live and engage in a democratic society, including being prepared and willing to be critical and civically engaged citizens. Following the last four years of national discord, the continued inequitable treatment of people of color, and the recent insurrection, it is important to discuss the role of colleges of education in educating for a democracy and how to be agents of change in our schools and our communities.

The featured speakers are Catherine Bornhorst, executive director for the National Network for Educational Renewal (NNER), and Emma Humphries, chief education officer for iCivics and Deputy Director of CivXNow. 

NNER is responsible for improving the realities of our schools, universities and communities, and believes that all students, regardless of race, poverty, geography or any other circumstance, deserve equal access to high quality learning and enriching life experiences. 

The vision of iCivics is to cultivate a new generation of students for thoughtful and active citizenship. CivXNow is a national cross-partisan coalition of over 100 organizations focused on improving our nation’s K-12 in and out-of-school civic education.

The forum is open to anyone interested in participating. Click here to join the Feb. 22 discussion.