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Achieve academic success in a time of remote learning

Published: March 26, 2020 Author: Staff reports

Ohio University students may be unexpectedly finishing their academic year at a distance as our communities respond to COVID-19, but the University is working hard to support students through faculty-led instruction, continuous communication, and academic assistance. Professional and student staff at the Academic Achievement Center are available to help you successfully continue your studies. Students can access remote tutoring, college study skills coaching, supplemental instruction and more through the Keep-Learning website. Here are some tips for success from the Academic Achievement Center as you transition to an online learning environment.

1. Get connected right away

Log in early and often. Do not wait until later in the week to access your course. You can access the latest information and you know exactly what your professor expects in these next six weeks.

Information is fluid and ever changing in these times, this includes your classes. Waiting until the day your assignment is due to log in will not work. Be regular

You may need to set an alarm to remind you to log in, or send yourself a calendar invite, to help stay on top of your classes.

2. Lean on your OHIO support networks

Establish frequent contact with your OHIO support network. This starts with your professors, who are the main source of information about the course and expectations.

If you are confused about an assignment, or project reach out to your professor to clarify. They will be happy to hear from you!

Reach out to your support network as well. This includes your department, academic advisors, tutors, mentors, and others who have helped you along your journey. The medium may have changed, but the support remains in place, now more than ever.

3.  Eliminate distractions

Try to eliminate or reduce the distractions that can pull your focus away from your studies.

4. Find the best time of day to study

Determine the time of the day where you learn the best and designate that time for your online learning sessions.

You may find yourself both enjoying and struggling sudden change of structure and routine. It may seem attractive to binge-watch your favorite shows, or spend extra time on social media, but these distractions can easily distract your studies.

If you know you are a morning person, develop a routine to have "breakfast" with your online coursework. If you work better staying up past midnight you can have a "Late Night" log in.

Setting up routine, distraction-free learning times is essential to online success.

5. Establish a regular designated study space

Try to establish a regular designated study space where you can be productive. Think of it as going to the same building, to the same classroom, and sitting in the same seat every class period. This routine will go a long way in helping you be ready to "go to class."

Even if takes you dressing in "school clothes" and carrying your backpack to this designated space, you are mentally putting yourself into classroom mode. This will help you focus and stay organized. The more familiar and routine something is, the easier it is to maintain.

6. Treat your new online class just like you would your in-person class.

Continue to perform all the steps you did in your ground class. Take notes. Engage the course material. Ask questions. The course delivery may have changed, but your learning and knowledge continues to grow.

You may be physically separated, but your classmates and professors remain an important part of your learning experience. Ask questions through chat and discussions. Engage in the same discourse you would in an open discussion

Outside of class, create study groups. Use FaceTime or Microsoft Teams to stay in touch.