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University seeks proposals for Konneker funds for learning and discovery

Published: October 9, 2019 Author: Staff reports

Ohio University faculty and staff are invited to submit proposals for support from the Konneker Fund for Learning and Discovery. Proposals are due by 5 p.m. Monday, Nov. 15.

Before a proposal can be submitted, faculty and staff must have a preliminary discussion with the dean of University College and senior vice provost for undergraduate education and student success Elizabeth Sayrs by Monday, Oct. 25. To schedule a preliminary Konneker discussion, contact Sandy Smith.

About the Konneker Fund

The Ohio University Foundation created the Konneker Fund for Learning and Discovery at the request of alumnus Wilfred Konneker, who made a gift of shares of the University’s biotechnology spinoff company, Diagnostic Hybrids.

In addition to supporting the Cutler Scholars Program and the Kennedy Museum of Art, funds generated by the shares were used to create a quasi-endowment fund dedicated to supporting initiatives designed to enhance the University’s academic mission and to achieve progress on the University’s Four Fundamentals:

1. Inspired teaching and research dedicated to students’ academic success and focused on the connection between student learning and the advancement of knowledge and creative activity.

2. Innovative academic programs that draw on the best traditions and practice in the liberal arts, professional and interdisciplinary education.

3. Exemplary student support services committed to helping students fulfill their academic promise.

4. Integrated co-curricular activities that foster a diverse environment of respect and inclusiveness and facilitate students’ development as citizens and leaders.

Applicants may request up to $50,000 for two years or $100,000 overall. Faculty and staff are eligible to submit proposals and collaborative proposals are strongly encouraged.

An internal committee, drawn from the University’s academic leadership and chaired by the executive vice president and provost, will review the proposals. The Ohio University Foundation Board of Trustees typically makes Konneker funding decisions during its February meeting.

For more information about the Konneker Fund and other internal funding opportunities, please visit: www.ohio.edu/research/funding.cfm.


Past successful applicants to the fund include:

Museum Complex on The Ridges

This project to launch the building of the OHIO Museum Complex, a learning laboratory and museum, to be located at the historic Ridges. Housed inside the Kennedy Museum of Art, the Museum Complex will include exhibit galleries, outdoor experiential learning on the Ridges trail systems, collaborations with the OHIO Land Laboratory, and expanded curatorial space to house collections from across the region. The concept’s main purpose will be to encourage researchers to creatively present discoveries to the public.


Normalizing the College Transition

This project uses behavioral science-based nudges to help first-generation students make a more successful transition to college. Through a series of text messages designed to help support the student and reframe their understanding of the cause and effect of challenges they encounter in their daily lives during their first year, this program aims to help first-generation students increase their engagement with the University and their academic success.


Center for Campus and Community Engagement (CCCE)

The Center serves as a clearinghouse for students, faculty and staff who want to learn about opportunities for volunteering, service-learning, applied learning and field-based studies. These transformational learning opportunities contribute to students' development of academic knowledge, civic responsibility, leadership skills and commitment to the local community.


Margaret Boyd Scholars Program

As OHIO’s first women’s scholars' program, the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program seeks to inspire and encourage undergraduate women to become engaged, confident and connected leaders at Ohio University and beyond. During the four-year program, this diverse group of scholars participates in a first-year, interdisciplinary seminar with Ohio University women faculty, a second-year residential component, a third-year internship or education abroad experience and a fourth-year capstone seminar.