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Patton College of Education to host second EdTalks Oct. 30

Published: October 17, 2019 Author: Staff reports

The Ohio University Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education will host the second biennial EdTalks at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 30, in the Baker University Center Theatre.

The free event features dynamic presentations by four Patton College faculty members, followed by a brief question-and-answer session.

EdTalks—the brainchild of Patton College Dean Renée A. Middleton—are The Patton College's version of the popular TED Talks where speakers deliver short presentations of "ideas worth sharing."

Dr. Connie Patterson, Patton College assistant dean for academic engagement and outreach, said EdTalks give the faculty a chance to explain a topic within their expertise to a broader audience.

“The purpose of EdTalks is to find ways for our faculty in The Patton College to share how lessons they’re teaching in the classroom and initiatives they’re leading or assisting with go beyond the scope of just academics,” said Patterson. “Their talks will be compelling for a wider audience and truly put into perspective how these ideas fit into our everyday lives.”

The four presenters have worked over the last several months with Patterson and Carly Leatherwood, senior director of communication services and her staff at OHIO to write, memorize and prepare their speeches.

“We asked each of the presenters to choose a topic within their field that they are truly passionate about that would be interesting and thought-provoking to a broader audience,” said Leatherwood. “They have made great strides from early conceptualization of their ideas to now, where they will be presenting engaging, polished talks that are informative, relevant and exciting.”

The four EdTalks speakers include:

  • Julie Barnhart Francis, Director of the Edward Stevens Literacy Center, whose talk, Adult Workforce Development Education as a catalyst for positive impact for adults and families in our region, will explain how the ASPIRE program has helped individuals get the equivalent of their high school diploma and make a new life for themselves through adult education classes.
  • Courtney Koestler,  Director of the OHIO Center for Equity in Mathematics and Science, whose talk, Teaching is not neutral, will explain how teaching cannot be neutral and how the ways teachers present math problems can encourage students to pose and ask questions to learn more than just math understanding.
  • Danny Twilley, Assistant Professor and Director of the Ecotourism Certificate, whose talk, The role that outdoor recreation can play in community development, will explain the importance of outdoor recreation to a community and the impact it is making in the economy and people, especially when they’re choosing a place to live.
  • Yuchun Zhou, Assistant Professor in Educational Studies, whose talk, Demystifying statistics to better inform the general public how to identify fake news, will explain how people use research in their daily lives even if they don’t think they are researchers, and how research can help individuals compare what’s true to fake news.

“EdTalks allow our faculty in The Patton College to share information on their areas of expertise more effectively and broadly across the community,” said Middleton. “This event gives our faculty a platform outside of papers and the classroom to talk about issues important to the public. I look forward to hearing this year’s Ed Talks, and I intend to continue this opportunity for faculty to share their knowledge.”