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The Parking Spot at Columbus airport is preferred vendor for OHIO employees

Published: October 11, 2019 Author: Staff reports

The Parking Spot at the John Glenn International Airport in Columbus is a preferred provider offering discounts for both business and personal travel for OHIO employees.

In the past, you could present your employee ID at the checkout window to obtain the discount. They have now installed a new entry/exit system. With the new system, faculty and staff can now join the discount program through the Parking Spot’s mobile app. 

Using the app is quick and easy and you will no longer have to wait up to two weeks for the Spot Club Exec discount card in the mail once you have signed up. You can download the app from the iPhone App Store or the Android Play Store. If you already have an account, log in to theparkingspot.com to add the Ohio University discount code to your account. 

The Parking Spot will no longer accept business cards or employee IDs to receive the discount, however, they will continue to accept the yellow Ohio University Spot Club Exec Club cards tied to the program. 

To obtain the discount, just scan your Spot Club Exec Card or the app when you enter the facility. Travelers report that the Parking Spot mobile app is quicker and easier to use. Simply open the mobile app and just scan the QR code tied to their reservations at entrance and exit. Cashiers are also available to assist if you need help using the entry/exit tower or are having card issues.

How to sign up for the Ohio University Exec program through the Parking Spot mobile app:

  1. Download the Parking Spot App.
  2. Tap, “Sign Up,” and enter your corporate account code during registration: available at https://www.ohio.edu/finance/purchasing/employee-discounts
  3. Scan your QR code on the App upon entry and exit to receive your discount.
  4. Remember to always make a reservation.