Ohio University

Bobcats Recycle names winners for Battle of the Greens

Published: October 21, 2019 Author: Sydney Kennedy

Battle of the Greens is a month-long recycling challenge between greens. In this battle, each hall competes against one another to see which dorm can divert the most recycling from the landfill. Teaming up with Housing and Residence Life, the Campus Recycling Team has promised to throw a pizza party for the winners from each Green. This year those Battle of the Greens winners are Convocation of West Green, Jefferson/Johnson of East Green and the current Reigning Champions of Battle of the Greens..True of South Green! 

Battle of the Greens is meant as a friendly way to immerse the incoming students into Ohio University’s “Green” culture. However, it's also a useful tool intended to set students on the right path to saving our planet and allowing our campus to continue its Zero Waste Initiative. Simple practices like knowing what can and can’t be recycled can make a big difference in minimizing our carbon footprint and allowing for a better, brighter, more beautiful Athens.