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Accessible OHIO: How to keep pathways accessible

Published: September 20, 2019 Author: Staff reports

At Ohio University, we embrace that we have a collective responsibility to create the opportunity for people with disabilities to have an accessible and inclusive experience whether a student, employee, visitor, or community member. There are many simple ways we can all contribute to the development and maintenance of an accessible and inclusive environment. Accessible OHIO: It’s What We Do highlights a series of actions that any of us may take – no expertise required!  
The Office for University Accessibility 

What can I do to keep pathways accessible?

In general, an accessible path is a minimum of 36 inches wide, with a minimum width of 60 inches for going around corners. Objects that may be mounted on the wall which are between 27 and 80 inches from the ground should not extend more than 4 inches from the wall to maintain an accessible path.

Three things you can do to keep a pathway accessible and barrier-free:
1.    Assess your everyday space and position furniture and decorations such that there is an accessible path free from protruding objects. 
2.    Regularly review your space to make sure movable items such as trashcans, chairs, or boxes do not block the pathway.
3.    If you identify a barrier along a public pathway that you are unable to solve complete the Office for University Accessibility’s Report an Accessibility Barrier form.  

The Office for University Accessibility is available to assist you in assessing and understanding your space and pathways.

Creating a more Accessible OHIO: It’s What We Do.