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University exploring housing opportunities at The Ridges

This summer, Ohio University Ridges Master Plan co-chairs Shawna Bolin and Joe Shields are continuing to gather information relevant to uses of land at The Ridges, in the context of recent community input.

As previously reported in Compass, The Ridges Advisory Committee last met on May 17 to review requests by various parties within the community to revise recommendations on Tier One land from housing to no development. The Committee endorsed the change while noting the need to evaluate guidelines for allowed uses of the open space at a future meeting.

The University also shared alternative scenarios for siting housing on The Ridges, including a possible Eco-Village on Tier 2 land and possible housing in historic buildings.

“After the conclusion of the May 17 meeting, it became evident that there was still clarification required relating to potential housing in the Ridges,” Bolin said. “Planning is an evolutionary process, and it is important that the university take time to review new opportunities as they are introduced so that we can do due diligence to ensure we are balancing our examination of new development while preserving historic areas and maintaining green space.”

Housing will continue to be an area of evaluation as the Ridges Master plan is revised.  The Ridges is one of several possible campus locations that will be researched for potential new housing. It is anticipated that the revised framework plan will be shared at an upcoming Ohio University Board of Trustees.  

Both Bolin and Shields express their continued gratitude for the hard work and input of The Ridges Advisory Committee.

“The work that we are accomplishing is truly a collaborative effort,” Shields said. “Inclusivity has been and continues to be one of the university’s key priorities as we develop new recommendations to make optimal use of The Ridges property and its buildings.”

About The Ridges Advisory Committee and future meetings

The Ridges Advisory Committee, composed of members representing Ohio University, the City of Athens and Athens County, is tasked with periodically providing feedback on the comprehensive land use plans for The Ridges and the University’s progress toward its implementation. The committee reports its recommendations to Ohio University’s president.

University leadership plans to review recent Advisory Committee feedback and will continue to schedule meetings with the group in the coming months.

Future meeting dates and locations will be announced in Compass; Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public.

July 20, 2017
Staff reports