Headshot of Ambar Lucid covering her face with a tarot card with red background
Ambar Lucid

Ambar Lucid

Making waves with her unique brand of psychedelic latin pop, Ambar Lucid is a Mexican-Dominican artist whose music has allowed her to navigate her struggle with depression and, in turn, has inspired a growing community to find light in the darkness through her art. 

With over 15,000 tickets sold across North America on her Estrella P1 and P2 tours, Ambar's music has amassed over 100 million streams across platforms, and her creative expression has captivated artists like Omar Apollo, Mon Laferte, and Cuco, all who have given her a supporting role in their respective tours. Her single “Fantasmas” received praise by the highly acclaimed Netflix show Élite, where Ambar made her debut appearance as an actor with a mystical performance of the song as the center of the episode.

Ambar now finds herself in the studio working on her sophomore album.

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