Legacy Artists & Curators

Don & Karn, KMA 2021

Kennedy Museum of Art would like to acknowledge the individuals who made this exhibition possible.


Mateo Galvano, Associate Curator & Exhibition Designer

Basil Masri Zada, Technology and Multimedia Director

Charles Smith, Installation Technician

Jeff Carr, Installation Consultant


KMA Staff:

Edward E. Pauley, Director

Lisa Quinn, Registrar

Sally Delgado, Curator of Education

Lori Spencer, Administrative Specialist


Student Interns:

Shelly Lisle, Assistant Museum Registrar

Elliott Magenheim, Museum Assistant Preparator

Akira Jakkson, Museum Photographic Specialist

There have been several individuals that have made this exhibition possible. Don Adleta wants to thank the following for their support and contributions to the efforts of making Legacy, Don Adleta and Karen Nulf, 60 years of graphic design happen.


  • Mateo Galvano, Recruitment & Retention Liaison Lecturer, Foundations, School of Art + Design for his expertise in curation and his personal interest in the content of this well-designed exhibition.
  • Cody Bail, Printing Services, Ohio University for his attention to production and material details.
  • David F. McCartney, The University of Iowa Libraries for retrieving Windhover Press from their archives and having it reformatted.
  • Martha Bergstein(Myers), Athens Frame Works for her attention to framing and the schedule.
  • Adele Durfee for her support and attention to Karen Nulf’s wellbeing.
  • Daniel Opoku Asamoah, MFA in Graphic Design candidate for his organizational skills and his expertise in file management and design.
  • Kelee Riesbeck, Executive Director of Arts Partnerships and Programming, College of Fine Arts, Ohio University for her clarity and vision of messaging.
  • Basil Masri-Zada technical support for the audio/visual portions of the exhibition. As well as this virtual tour production and interface.
  • Lisa Quinn, Registrar at the Kennedy Museum of Art for her persistence and guidance from the initial meetings to opening day.
  • Julie Dummermuth, Director of the School of Art + Design for her initiating the concept of having a recognition of the role Don Adleta and Karen Nulf played for the legacy of the graphic design area in the school.  



Basil Masri Zada, Virtual Exhibition Designer and Curator

Todd Jacops, Graphic Designer College of Fine Arts

Lisa Quinn, Registrar


Student Interns:

Shelly Lisle, Assistant Museum Registrar

Elliott Magenheim, Museum Assistant Preparator

Akira Jakkson, Museum Photographic Specialist

Amina Kassim, Education Assistant



In addition to the Legacy exhibition, OU has identified the following events to celebrate graphic design this Spring.


Alumni Exhibition:

REACH, 50 years of graphic design by over 20 alumni, 2.16.21 – 2.21.21.


A Virtual Lecture Series:

PATH, a series of 5 lectures by designers sharing their paths in design, throughout spring.


Cyber Auction:

Pat Eynon and other Alumni donated Poster Collection, a two-week window on E-Bay TBD End of February into March, Posters include: April Greiman, Wolfgang Weingart, and more. 



Fundraiser and establishment of an Elliot Strunk’s Design Residency.

The Launch of the Don E. Adleta TypeShop and Bindery.

Don Adleta’s full retirement.