Proper Address Formats

For all classes of outgoing U.S. Mail:

  • The top line should be the attention line, if one is necessary. 

  • The second line should be the recipient.

  • The third line must be the delivery address, box number, or rural route number, followed by apartment, unit office, or multi-dwelling number. If the apartment number, etc. will not fit on that line, it should be placed on the line above, not below the delivery line address.

  • The last line should include the city, state and ZIP Code. If there is not enough room to place the city, state and ZIP together, place ONLY the ZIP Code directly below the city and state.

For Campus Envelopes:

  • Make sure to completely cross out all other addresses on the envelope.
  • Print clearly the receiver's Name, Department and Building. Failing to include a complete address will result in delays and mail being returned to sender, if known.
  • If you are using a standard envelope (not an interoffice communication envelope), make sure that Campus Mail clearly appears on the front of the envelope.

For Ohio University Incoming U.S. Mail:

Name of individual


Building Name and Room/Office Number

1 Ohio University Drive

Athens OH 45701-2979


ZIP Code Lookup and Address Information