Mail Services FAQ

General FAQ:

What is the proper address format to use when addressing mail?


  • First & Last name
  • Department
  • 1 Ohio University
  • Athens, OH 45701



  • First & Last name
  • Dorm number & address
  • Room number
  • Athens, OH 45701
What types of items can be accommodated (perishables, etc)?

We accept all deliveries from carriers such as USPS, UPS, FedEx (Ground and Express), and DHL.  This includes all Amazon deliveries, as well as Care Packages and Perishable items.  Large items such as futons, bicycles, and desks are also accepted.  Mail Services does not transport items back to residential halls. 

How will I receive my mail?

Student Residential Mail: Student mail can be picked up at the designated mailroom for your green of residence, either directly from the mailroom during our operating hours, or through our Smart Lockers.

Faculty/Staff Mail: Business mail is delivered via campus mail routes to departmental mailrooms or business smart locker locations. 

My package was lost, what do I do next?

Faculty/Staff: Contact Mail Services with your tracking number at 740.593.1850. 

Students: Contact with your tracking number or reach out to your residential mail center directly for assistance 
East Green Mail Center, Jefferson Hall: 740.597.6973
South Green Mail Center, Mackinnon Hall: 740.597.7037
West Green Mail Center, Ryors Hall: 740.593.4013

What if I am expecting a package that requires a signature?

Mail Services take care of any signature that is required.

What if I am expecting an oversized package?

Mail Services can accommodate just about any size package, however we do not typically accept packages arriving on skids. If skid delivery is required please coordinate directly with Mail Services. 

What if I have to send out or return a package?

We can ship out anything from the Mail Services Central Receiving Office located at Building 37, The Ridges, through USPS, UPS, FEDEX AND DHL. Prepaid packages can be dropped off at Mail Services or any Student Mail Center.

What happens if I have an address change?

Faculty/Staff Mail: make sure you change your address in my personal information.

Student Residential Mail: changes should be changed by Housing if it is a residence hall change, if you move out of residence hall please alert your designated Student Mail Center know and provide them with your forwarding address.

How soon can I pick up my mail/package after notification?

There are times when the US Postal Service will send you notification of a Priority or Express Package delivery. Keep in mind, however, that this notification does not mean that the Mail Center has received your package from the Post Office; only that the Post Office is in receipt of your package.  Please wait until you receive a notification from the Mail Center before coming to pick up the package. This is for student mail, academic/business mail is delivered.

Are stamps available for purchase?

Stamps are available for purchase at the Mail Services Central Receiving Office located in Building 37 at the Ridges by the roll (100) or book (20) for faculty, staff, and students. Students may also visit the Post Office on the 4th floor of Baker University Center for postage stamp purchases. At this time stamps are not available for sale in student mail centers.

How can I obtain my mail if I primarily work in a remote capacity or don’t have a dedicated office site?

Individuals working in a fully remote capacity or those who do not have a dedicated work site may contact Mail Services at 740.593.1850 or

Student Mail FAQ:

I am no longer living in the dorms. Can I still have my mail sent to the student mailrooms?

Unfortunately, this is not a service that we are able to offer due to space and technical constraints.

Are the Student Mailrooms closed during breaks?

Our Student Mailrooms remain open during both Summer and Winter breaks with limited hours. The Student Mailrooms are only closed on Sundays and during University Closures.

Can I have my groceries delivered to the Student Mailrooms?

Our Student Mailrooms do not accept deliveries from companies such as Door dash, UberEats, Instacart, etc. These Deliveries should be coordinated for pickup between yourself and the driver. If you have purchased food items through Amazon, they will be delivered to the mailrooms like normal.

May I drop a package for a student off at the Student Mailrooms?

Our Student Mailrooms are unable to accept deliveries from private parties. We only accept packages through mail carriers, such as USPS, UPS, FedEx, or DHL.

I received a notification that my package has been delivered. Why have I not received an email yet?

Please be sure to check your Junk mail Folder, as the emails may be directed there. If there is still no email, this could be because the carrier has marked your package "delivered" because it has reached the mail center, but our staff has not yet been able to process the delivery. In some cases, the status is marked "delivered" when the package has only reached the city Post Office and is typically delivered to us the next day.

Are students assigned Mailboxes?

No, our mailrooms no longer utilize mailboxes for student mail. For packages, we use a combination of shelf storage in our Mailrooms, as well as Smart Locker systems to store and deliver packages. Letter mail is sorted into folders which are temporarily assigned to students until they have picked the letters up. In all cases, when mail is ready for pickup, a notification will be sent to your Ohio email with the designated pick-up location/method identified.

Is there a fee to receive mail?

No, all services regarding mail are included in your housing fees.

Do I need to register to receive my mail on campus?

No, all students who have assignments through Housing and Residence Life are automatically entered into our database to receive mail.

I no longer live on campus and sent a package to my old residence hall address. What do I do?

If you have sent a package to your old residence hall address, we will typically hold the package and reach out to you. If you notice the shipment is headed our way, please reach out to us at to provide us with the tracking information and a good forwarding address. After a length of time, if we have not received a response from you, we will forward the package to the address you have on file with the university.

I accidentally put the wrong name/address on my package, how can I find it?

Provided the address on the package is still an on-campus address, we will receive the package at one of our Mailrooms and attempt to process it. In many cases we can use our systems to figure out who the recipient is and will process it that day. If your package has been delivered and you have not received the email after a couple of days, please stop into the mailroom for your green with your Student ID, tracking number, and any other relevant information you have so that we may best assist you in locating the package.