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Boyd Family Story

Boyd Family Story

To the Kids on Campus Staff:

I just wanted to write and thank all of you for everything you have done for my son.  He has attended Kids on Campus summer camp for five years ant the afterschool program at Alexander for four.  The social skills that he has learning through the program have been wonderful!  KoC provides a setting where he can find new friends without being under mom's thumb.  The afterschool program provides him with new experiences that are not school-like or homework related, but rather all-around fun.  I am happy that he is participating in activities instead of playing video games at home.  Through the help of KoC, my son has discovered archery and he is very good at it!

My son receives extra help with his homework, which is a lifesaver for both him and me.  It reassures me that his homework is done in case we don't get home until late in the evening.  This is wonderful!  Miss Holly and Miss Abby have been unbelievably helpful navigating middle school homework these past two years.  The Kids on Campus program has even been included in my son's IEP.

Rachel Boyd, KoC participant parent