Mission, Goals, and History


Plains Elementary kids smile for camera.

Our Mission

Kids on Campus is a rural community-university partnership that empowers underserved, at-risk children and their families in the realization of their full potential through educational, nutritional, and recreational opportunities.

Goals and Action Steps

Goal: Provide children with the opportunity to enhance academic and life skills through high-quality out-of-school programming.

Action Steps:

  • Although open to all students, we will give priority in enrollment to children determined to be academically and/or economically at-risk.
  • Maintain or increase students' mastery of concepts taught in reading, science, technology, engineering, math, and medicine (STEMM).
  • Continue expanding educational experiences to families, schools, and communities.
  • Demonstrate healthy approaches to resolving conflicts, solving problems and making decisions

Goal: Serve as a model program that will encourage and challenge other communities to develop partnerships to provide services for economically disadvantaged children.

Action Steps:

  • Bring together educational institutions, businesses, agencies, and community members to aid in the governance, implementation, and evaluation of the Kids on Campus programs.
  • Provide transportation for all students who need it.
  • Create and implement a multidisciplinary and multicultural curriculum.
  • Provide nutritious meals and snacks to all participants.
  • Ensure a safe environment for the program

Goal: Secure the necessary funding to make Kids on Campus programming available to all at-risk children and families.

Action Steps:

  • Diversify funding streams.
  • Maintain and expand partnerships to leverage resources.
  • Provide an Annual Report to stakeholders to justify continued funding.
  • Develop a standing committee to promote stewardship and sustainability


Kids on Campus was established in 1996 when a need was found within the community and Ann Teske, the founder of Kids on Campus, found a way to fill that need. She provided the local school districts of Athens county with a place to come during the summer months where students could continue the learning that took place during the school year as well as a place to eat!

In 2001 Kids on Campus expanded to include afterschool programing with funding provided by 21st century grants. These sites focused on making sure student received a nutritious snack, free play, as well as assistance with homework, tutoring, intervention in Math and Reading, and fun hands on activities!

Kids on Campus has continuously served the schools districts of Athens County and has now expanded to serve multiple districts surrounding Athens. We continue to strive to be a model program in both areas and to meet the needs of our surrounding community. Investing in the students and their families.