OHIO Virtual Backgrounds

Due to the recent increase in remote work, virtual backgrounds have become popular to use in video conferencing programs like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

How to Use Virtual Backgrounds in a Meeting

To use these OHIO virtual backgrounds in your meetings, save the images below and upload them as virtual backgrounds on Zoom or Microsoft Teams. To save an image, right click on the image and choose "Save Image As..." Make sure to save the photo somewhere you can find it again to upload it to Zoom or Microsoft Teams!

Zoom: How to use Virtual Backgrounds

Microsoft Teams: Change your background

OHIO Virtual Backgrounds

hey all you cool cats and kittens lettering with attack cat logo
aerial view of ohio university
hey all you cool cats and kittens lettering
closeup of bricks
graduation cap zoom background
college gateway
Ohio University Division of Student Affairs logo repeated on a green background
Ohio University sign framed by blooming cherry blossom trees
Attack cat on green background
blooming cherry trees by bike path
ohio athletics logo on brown background
aerial view of court street and uptown athens
OHIO on green background
class gateway at entrance to college green
illustration of rufus on green background
brick building next to white cherry blossom trees
green bobcat head repeated on white bckg
aerial view of south green over hocking river
repeated outline of bobcat head on green background
closeup of red bricks
fight song lyrics right aligned
fight song lyrics center aligned