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OHIO Guarantee+ Graduation Plan

Earn a degree with a guarantee

At Ohio University we’re reimagining the student experience.

We create an individualized curricular and experiential pathway with a clear timeline to completion that meets the needs of each individual student.

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Future Bobcat

Prepare for your journey with defined expectations, goals, and outcomes that are uniquely suited for you and your aspirations.

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Student Bobcat

Be curious, explore, and engage with faculty and staff through guided milestones and a guaranteed path for post-graduate success.

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Alumni Bobcat

Continue to be an active alumni, enriching the next generation of Bobcats.

Are you wondering how to graduate on time?

We can help with that. We work with you (the student) to create an OHIO Guarantee+ Graduation Plan. All you have to do is commit to taking the actions necessary to follow the plan and meet the milestones outlined.

If a student meets all the obligations of their Guarantee+ Graduation Plan but cannot graduate on time and on plan due to the unavailability of necessary courses or other required elements in their plan, Ohio University will find a way to make it right, including appropriate course substitutions or covering the tuition and fees of any additional required courses, if necessary.


“If you (the student) cannot graduate on time on plan due to the unavailability of necessary courses - Ohio University will cover the tuition and fees. Period.

How can OHIO Guarantee+ keep you on track? 

Each academic year, you (the student) have a personalized check-in with your academic advisor or career mentor to make sure your plan is on track and relevant.

You work together with an academic advisor to co-create and monitor a personalized graduation plan. This includes meeting with your advisor and career coach as outlined in your plan, registering for courses during your enrollment window, engaging in experiential learning opportunities, and checking progress towards your degree.

The OHIO Guarantee+ adds value to your Ohio University education at no additional cost to you!

What tips do you have on how to be successful in college?

  1. Seek out personal connections with OHIO faculty and staff.
  2. Focus on your academic goals and supplement them with internships, study abroad experiences, and research opportunities. 
  3. Ask questions and work with your career coach. There are countless opportunities for college graduates. Your advisor can help you navigate your best path forward.

How will you be supported?

You can expect intentional check-ins along the way as outlined in your OHIO Guarantee+ Graduation Plan to make sure you are on track. We work together to update your plan as necessary as you explore your interests and identify new opportunities.

What does an academic advisor do?

They are the experts at Ohio University in your degree and major interests. They help you (the student) explore academic interests, identify resources for additional information and support, and develop your graduation guarantee plans.

What is a career coach?

Career coaches provide career direction to help assess your interests, abilities and value in your educational career path. They help you determine next steps and develop a plan to achieve your professional goals.

Big Picture: What does all of this mean for you?

OHIO provides a pathway for you to succeed and prepares you for life after college. As an OHIO graduate, you’ll build connections through your specific college network, in addition to the University-wide Bobcat Mentorship Network.

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Does the Guarantee+ Graduation Plan include my program interests?

For the 2021-2022 academic year, select undergraduate degree programs are included:

Academic College Program/Major(s)
College of Arts and Sciences Undecided, Biology, Physics, Anthropology, Sociology, WGSS, African American Studies, Economics, Political Science, History, Geography
College of Business All majors
College of Fine Arts All majors
College of Health Sciences and Professions Exercise Physiology
Honors Tutorial College English, Biological Sciences, Environmental Sciences
Regional Higher Education Communication Studies
Russ College of Engineering and Technology All majors, except Aviation
Scripps College of Communication All majors
University College All majors

All undergraduate programs will be included by Fall 2022.

Not sure what to study in college? 

Speak with one of our academic advisors, career coaches, and admission coordinators to better inform and guide you on possible career and job possibilities while studying at Ohio University.

Planning ahead - what to do after graduating college?

Lifelong benefits. That’s what you have as an OHIO graduate. You have access to post-graduation career management, the Bobcat Mentorship Network, and alumni-only networking and scholarships for select programs to continue your education. 

*The Ohio Guarantee provides tuition and fee guarantees. In 2015, Ohio University was the first public university in the state of Ohio to launch a comprehensive fixed tuition and fee program, and the OHIO Guarantee remains one of the most transparent and all-encompassing of its kind.