OHIO Guarantee+ Graduation Plan

At Ohio University we’re reimagining the student experience. We create an individualized curricular and experiential pathway with a clear timeline to completion that meets the needs of each individual student.

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Future Bobcat

Prepare for your journey with defined expectations, goals, and outcomes that are uniquely suited for you and your aspirations.

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Be curious, explore, and engage with faculty and staff through guided milestones and a guaranteed path for post-graduate success.

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Continue to be active alumni, enriching the next generation of Bobcats.

Earn a Degree with an On-Time Guarantee

We can help with that. We work with you to create an OHIO Guarantee+ Graduation Plan. All you have to do is commit to taking the actions necessary to follow the plan and meet the milestones outlined.

If a student meets all the obligations of their Guarantee+ Graduation Plan but cannot graduate on time and on plan due to the unavailability of necessary courses or other required elements in their plan, Ohio University will find a way to make it right, including appropriate course substitutions or covering the tuition and fees of any additional required courses, if necessary.


“If you cannot graduate on time on plan due to the unavailability of necessary courses, Ohio University will cover the tuition and fees. Period.

You Will be Well-Supported

You can expect intentional check-ins along the way as outlined in your OHIO Guarantee+ Graduation Plan to make sure you are on track. We work together to update your plan as necessary as you explore your interests and identify new opportunities.

Academic Advisor

Advisors are the Ohio University experts for your degree and major interests. They help you explore academic interests, identify resources for additional information and support, and develop your graduation guarantee plans.

Career Strategist

Career strategists provide career direction to help assess your interests, abilities and values in your educational career path. They help you determine next steps and develop a plan to achieve your professional goals.

Experience Designer

Experience designers provide support in finding, preparing for, and reflecting on opportunities to learn by doing in the six categories of experiential learning. They strive to increase access to hands-on learning and remove barriers to allow all OHIO students to participate in experiential learning.

What is the OHIO Guarantee+ Graduation Plan Agreement? 

When an OHIO undergraduate student opts in to OHIO Guarantee+ Graduation Plan, you commit to the following agreement:

You agree to:

  • Co-create your Graduation Plan with your designated success advisor during your first semester of enrollment in your degree-seeking program.
  • Consult with your designated success advisor at least once each semester to review your Graduation Plan, your degree audit (DARS) report, and progress toward your degree.
  • Follow your Graduation Plan and earn at least the minimum grades and GPA as indicated in your Graduation Plan.
  • Notify your designated success advisor, as soon as you have trouble registering for a required course in your Graduation Plan, meaning that the course is not available or there is not space for you in the course.
  • Earn the number of hours as required by your Graduation Plan.
  • Maintain an accumulative OHIO GPA of at least 2.0 or the minimum GPA as required by your Graduation Plan.
  • Complete milestones that you and your advisor have identified as important per your Graduation Plan.
  • Revise your plan with your success advisor if you do not complete a course or miss a milestone.
  • Acknowledge that if you change your major or do not follow your plan, then your Graduation Plan will need to be revised, which may change your graduation date.

OHIO agrees to:

  • Provide a Graduation Plan for your selected major, including minors, other credentials, and career and experiential learning opportunities.
  • Provide access to academic advising each semester and degree audits outlining your program requirements and academic progress.
  • Inform you whether you are “on plan” or “off plan” at the end of each semester.
  • Provide access to career and experiential learning opportunities.
  • Provide acceptable course substitutions, where accreditation permits, or modify your Graduation Plan to keep you on plan for graduation. 

Big Picture: OHIO Guarantee+ Keeps You on Track 

You will work together with an academic advisor to co-create and monitor a personalized graduation plan. This includes meeting with your advisor and career strategist as outlined in your plan, registering for courses during your enrollment window, engaging in experiential learning opportunities, and checking progress towards your degree. Each academic year, you will have a personalized check-ins to make sure your plan is on-track and relevant.

The OHIO Guarantee+ adds value to your Ohio University education at no additional cost to you! OHIO provides a pathway for you to succeed and prepares you for life after college. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Guarantee+ Graduation Plan include my program interests?

All undergraduate programs in Athens and Regional Higher Education will be included by Fall 2023, except for programs in Honors Tutorial College.

What if I am not sure what to study in college?

Speak with one of our academic advisors, career strategists, and admission coordinators to better inform and guide you on possible career and job possibilities while studying at Ohio University.

What are tips for success in college?
  • Seek out personal connections with OHIO faculty and staff.
  • Focus on your academic goals and supplement them with internships, study abroad experiences, and research opportunities. 
  • Ask questions and work with your career strategist and advisor. There are countless opportunities for college graduates. Your support team can help you navigate your best path forward.

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