Paul Benedict

Paul Benedict
Director, Center for Entrepreneurship
Associate Professor of Instruction
CoLab, Alden Library 301

Meet with Paul

Paul Benedict is the director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and an Associate Professor of Instruction in Management. After 15 years as an investor in and operator of seed- and early-stage technology companies, Paul joined Ohio University to teach in the Professional MBA, where he fell in love with teaching.

At the undergraduate level, Paul teaches Management in Cluster, Business Plan Design, Technology Commercialization, Ideation & Business Models and has been the site director of GCP Nicaragua. At the graduate level, Paul teaches Ideation & Business Models, New Venture Planning, and the MBA Capstone course.

Paul is the 2020 recipient of the College of Business’s Teaching Excellence award, a 2019 recipient of both an “Outstanding Mentor” honor from the Cutler Scholars program and an “Outstanding Teaching Mentor” honor from the Management Department, and a 2018 recipient of the College of Business’s “Graduate Teaching Award.”

Paul earned his BA in political science from the Honors Tutorial College at THE Ohio University. He earned his MBA from the Fisher College of Business at an Ohio State University. 😉😸

Paul and his wife, Heather, are always proud and occasionally exhausted parents to Sam (10), George (9), and 2 dogs – Lucy, and Maggie. The Benedicts are a high-energy, competitive bunch. The family motto is: If you didn’t keep score, it didn’t happen. In his spare time, Paul is president of the Athens County Humane Society. He enjoys exercise, cookies (probably a little too much), guitar, and coffee – lots and lots of coffee. In fact, you can schedule a time to get coffee with Paul (or just meet in CoLab or on Zoom) by clicking the button above or HERE.

Paul Mass

Paul Mass
Entrepreneur In Residence
Associate Director, Center for Entrepreneurship
CoLab, Alden Library 301
  • J.D., Emory University School of Law
  • B.A., Political Science (Magna Cum Laude), Duke University

Paul Mass is an Entrepreneur in Residence at OHIO's College of Business in Athens, Ohio. He also serves as the Associate Director of the University’s Center For Entrepreneurship where he's helping to build the entrepreneurial ecosystem supporting student and faculty entrepreneurs, as well as individuals and businesses throughout the southeast Ohio region. 

Paul has benefited from a diverse career beginning as a corporate attorney and continuing on as a successful entrepreneur and business executive helping to create, fund, manage and lead companies in the cable television, radio, information service, biotech, and e-commerce industries. Paul has served as a Partner, General Counsel, Chief Operating Officer, and President and CEO, respectively, at various times throughout his more than 35-year professional career.

Two of the ventures Paul helped build are still owned and operated out of San Diego, CA:

  • ClosingCorp, Inc. is a proprietary database of residential real estate information providing consumers and mortgage lenders with critical data needed for home purchases covering every address in the United States.
  • GovX, Inc. is the country’s largest online e-commerce website exclusively serving members of the U.S. military, first responders, and certain government service employees.

The Entrepreneur In Residence professorship is supported by two passionate alumni who wish to remain anonymous. Their gift recognizes a non-academic professional who teaches entrepreneurship skills, and along with student intern consulting teams, consults and interacts with the businesses of central Appalachia. The professor who holds this professorship represents a seasoned, skilled entrepreneur who brings valuable consulting expertise into OHIO's classrooms and to an economically distressed Appalachian Ohio.

Selected Publication

Paul J. Mass & Carl S. von Mehren, Cable Theft: The Problem, the Need for Useful State Legislation, and a Proposed Solution for Georgia, 35 EMORY L.J. 643 (1986)