Advisory Board

Mechanical Engineering

Sarah Boylan

Stephen D. Fening, BSME '01, MSME '03, PhD '05

Chris Fishcher, PhD '99

Zack George, BSME '16

Damon Givens, BSME '08

Adam Hensel, BSME' 10

Andy Hughes, BSME '04

Frank D. Jankowski, BSME '69

Anna Kelley

M. Elizabeth Martindell, BSME '05

Craig Mizer, P.E., BSME '93

Brandon Quirke, BSME '14

Terry Russell, BSME '61

Brody Speraw, BSME '18

Brogan Speraw, BSME ‘23

Russell C. Tipton, MSME '89

Suzanne Tkach, MSME '97

Tom Wakeman, BSME '68

Energy Engineering

Terry Russell

Ryan Prestel

Jake Colbrunn

Todd Altenburger

Kyle W. Gumto

Tim Sandford

Jim Satin

Tiffany Woodyard

David (Dave) Dayton

Mike Zimmer

Industrial Advisory Board

Experts in mechanical engineering, including many esteemed alumni of the Russ College, comprise the Department of Mechanical Engineering Industrial Advisory Board. A separate advisory board supports the Energy Engineering program. Their guidance and counsel on industry trends helps ensure your education will prepare you for the current demands for your professional career.

Student Advisory Board

The mechanical engineering student advisory board, SAB, is a group that is designed to be the student voice on issues and changes within the department that affect their education and college life.

By actively seeking student input and providing recommendations to the ME faculty and Industrial Advisory Board, the SAB plays an important role in the development and continuous improvement of the department and curriculum.

Mission statement:

As representatives of the Ohio University Mechanical Engineering Department student constituency, our mission is to bring the student voice into departmental decisions and to provide honest, unbiased, and representative feedback to the ME advisory board to assist the ME department in continuous program improvement. It is our responsibility as an adjunct committee of the ME advisory board to both respond to specific requests for student input/feedback and to bring to the attention of the advisory board any student concerns that need to be addressed by the ME Department. We share in the advisory board's responsibility to periodically review the ME department program educational objectives and the department's overall assessment an continuous improvement process to ensure that they are consistent with current constituency needs.

Want to make a difference in the program? Contact the ME department or 740.593.1553 for current board member contacts.