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A new start for a new year: eCampus home page optimized for student success!

If you are a returning Ohio University eCampus student, you will notice that OHIO eCampus has a new look. It will now be faster and easier for you to find exactly what you need to complete your academic tasks.

In the past, the eCampus page both assisted distance students and promoted Ohio University distance degrees. Now, the focus of our page has shifted — for the better. Our goal is to serve you, OHIO’s distance student population. The web page reflects that change by removing some of the information for prospective students. It has also been updated to be accessible on any device size and meet other modern web standards.

Are you a current eCampus student? We’re here to help you navigate the improved eCampus page. It features two parts:

Your virtual campus:

Head to “class” at www.ohio.edu/ecampus

The new eCampus page is modeled after the on-campus student experience. This page is meant to expedite your completion of daily class business. It allows you to quickly access Blackboard, Catmail, preview announcements and upcoming important dates, and access student social networks.

This page also houses information on all educational opportunities offered through OHIO eCampus, including online degrees, certificates, and other learning options. It also links to our Print and Correctional Education pages.

The Student Knowledge Center:

Visit your student information database at www.ohio.edu/ecampus/student-knowledge-center

The Student Knowledge Center (SKC) is accessible from the eCampus home page. This page is the virtual equivalent of walking in to the student services offices on campus. While you may not need these resources every day, they are of extreme importance. Access the SKC for information for online students on financial aid, advising, counseling, course registration, and more.

This knowledge center model has been utilized by OHIO eCampus nursing students for several years and has become a highly praised resource for both new and returning students. We hope you find it just as helpful as they have.

Still have questions?

This PDF shows you a visual example of what has changed. The FAQ page is also available to assist you.

Are you a print student?

The print student resource center mimics the Student Knowledge Center, but it includes specific information for students completing courses through correspondence. The print resource section is available here.

Are you faculty or staff?

You can learn about our services through the Office of Instructional Innovation. Student resource items are housed in the SKC. Additional learning opportunities information is housed on the eCampus page.

Are you not yet a student but interested in eCampus?

Visit the Ohio University eCampus About page for more information on our degrees and other learning opportunities.

Need more guidance? Contact us at ecampus@ohio.edu.

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