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If you reside near an Ohio University campus, you must take your examination at the nearest campus. To schedule an examination time on the Athens Campus or a regional campus, see the Campus Proctoring page. Others can arrange to have their examinations proctored at another accredited college or university or, if it is more convenient, at an accredited local high school.

Ohio University reserves the right to reject a proposed examination supervisor. Detailed information about examination procedures will be included with your enrollment material.

Before students schedule testing appointments with a proctor, they must first make sure that all lesson grades have been received from the professor and recorded within the Ohio University system. All grades must be posted before the exam packet is mailed to the proctor. If the student is not eligible for testing, the exam application will be held until the student becomes eligible.

Using an Alternate Proctor Site

The following are approved proctors for exams:
  • Full-time faculty of local college testing center
  • Full-time faculty and administrative staff at public-private college and universities
  • Full-time teacher or staff member
  • Full-time guidance counselor/counseling staff
  • Embassy education officer**
  • Military base/station education officer**
  • Base commander**

**Must be active in the armed forces to use these proctor options.

Questions? For questions specific to proctoring services, contact examproctor@ohio.edu.