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Campus Recycling announces Battle of the Greens winners

The time has finally arrived to announce the fall 2017 Battle of the Greens winners! The residence halls to recycle the highest percentage of their waste streams are: Armbruster/Atkinson for South Green; Scott Quad for East Green; and Wilson for West Green. Congratulations to not only the winners, but to all the residence halls for participating and recycling a total of 82,143 pounds throughout the month of September!

Battle of the Greens is an annual friendly competition between Ohio University’s 40 residence halls to see which halls and greens can divert the most waste from the landfill to recycling. All of the residence halls did a tremendous job and should be proud that they helped Ohio University work towards its goal in becoming a zero-waste campus!

On South Green, Armbruster/Atkinson crushed the competition with the highest total of all residence halls of 60 percent recycled. On East Green, Scott Quad had a whopping 50 percent recycled and West Green’s winner, Wilson, came in at a 45 percent total recycled. 

Not only would Campus Recycling like to thank the residence halls for their participation, but also the Athens Hocking Recycling Center (AHRC) for providing the information needed to execute this competition. 

This article was provided by Ohio University Campus Recycling and Zero Waste.