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Ohio University co-signs letter to Congressional delegation in support of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program

Ohio’s Public University Presidents stand united against federal announcement to end DACA

The Inter-University Council (IUC) of Ohio has sent a letter to Ohio’s congressional delegation on behalf of Ohio’s public universities in support of DACA. Ohio University President M. Duane Nellis signed with his counterparts to stand united against the federal announcement earlier this week to end DACA.

In the letter, the Presidents asked “Congress to approve legislation incorporating a permanent solution to this issue, a solution that includes permitting these students to maintain their current status in this country and at our institutions.”

They cited consistency with U.S. Attorney Jeff General Session’s statement rescinding DACA, in which he said, “Congress should carefully and thoughtfully pursue the types of reforms that are right for the American people…..and advance an immigration policy that serves the national interest.”

The letter, in its entirety, can be found on the IUC website.

In addition to working with the IUC, Ohio University has been engaging with students, faculty and staff to discuss concerns, share resources and provide support in support in the wake of the DACA announcement.

Dr. Nellis has met with Ohio’s Congressional delegation this week to discuss University priorities, including DACA. Additionally, on Tuesday, the President issued a statement to the University community reinforcing Ohio University’s commitment to fair treatment and inclusivity for all of its students, faculty and staff.