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Athens Campus implementing new green-based mail centers

Ohio University students living in residence halls on the Athens Campus will have a new system of sending and receiving mail and packages this academic year.

OHIO’s Department of Housing and Residence Life and Ohio University Mail Services have partnered to establish three mail centers that will serve students living in residence halls on each of the three greens on the Athens Campus. 

Beginning Monday, Aug. 21, all mail and packages being delivered to students living in the residence halls will be delivered to the following green-based mail centers:

  • East Green Mail Center, located on the ground floor of Jefferson Hall, serving students residing in Biddle, Bryan, Bush, Gamertsfelder, Jefferson, Johnson, Lincoln, Perkins, Read, Scott Quad, Shively, Tiffin, Voigt and Washington
  • West Green Mail Center, located on the ground floor of Ryors Hall, serving students residing in Boyd, Bromley, the Convocation Center, James, Ryors, Sargent, Treudley and Wilson
  • South Green Mail Center, located on the ground floor of Mackinnon Hall, serving students residing in Adams, Armbruster, Atkinson, Brown, Carr, Crawford, Dougan, Ewing, Hoover, Luchs, Mackinnon, Pickering, Smith, Sowle, Tanaka, Weld and Wray

When a student’s package arrives at that student’s mail center, the package will be logged and an email message will be sent to the student’s OHIO email account notifying them that a package is ready for pickup. 

This new mail and package delivery system also eliminates the individual mailboxes located in most of OHIO’s residence halls. Under the new system, a student’s mail will be routed to that student’s designated file folder at that student’s designated mail center. Students will stop at their designated mail center front counter to ask for their mail.

Students picking up their mail or packages from their designated mail center will be required to present their OHIO ID. 

According to Pete Trentacoste, executive director of Housing and Residence Life, this new system is designed to increase safety in the residence halls by limiting outside individuals’ access to students’ living quarters while also providing better delivery service to students and better delivery access to delivery providers.

Trentacoste added that the change will also address logistical issues that have arisen with the increasing number of packages being delivered to students and will accommodate a request from the United States Postal Service.

“A lot of the front desk operations in our residence halls didn’t necessarily have enough storage space for the amount of packages we were receiving,” Trentacoste said. “And, we were provided notice by the U.S. Postal Service that we would need to adjust to changing delivery routes, which would decrease their ability to serve the same number of delivery locations.”

Adam Bower, manager of Ohio University Mail Services, noted that the Postal Service, as well as other providers like UPS and FedEx, had been delivering to 28 residence hall locations on the Athens Campus. 

According to Bower, this semester students will be able to receive both mail and packages as well as send mail, but not packages, from their designated mail center. Mail Services is hoping to add other services to its mail center operations, including shipping services, stamps and shipping supplies, in the future.

OHIO’s new green-based mail centers will be open from noon to 6 p.m. Mondays through Fridays and from noon to 4 p.m. on Saturdays. They will be closed on Sundays. 

“This change in management will enable RAs to spend more time with their residents and will better equip our campus to address current and futures needs related to mail,” Trentacoste said.

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