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University Planning seeks input on Parking Master Plan

Survey feedback will be essential to assessing campus parking needs, future recommendations

Ohio University Planning has launched a community-wide parking survey in an effort to gather community feedback and better inform future Transportation and Parking strategies.

The survey, which is open to both the Athens Campus and the surrounding community, is an important part of the University’s overall Parking Master Plan efforts that are currently underway in collaboration with Kimley-Horn, a consulting firm that specializes in providing strategic approaches to parking and transportation planning.

The core purpose of OHIO’s Parking Master Plan is to gain a better understanding of how parking is currently utilized on the Athens Campus, prepare for future changes in response to University needs and achieve several key goals, including: 

  • The establishment of an appropriate number, and type, of parking spaces on campus.
  • The development of a policy recommendations for a new, streamlined permit system that maximizes parking space utilization.
  • Implementation of parking lot change recommendations to accommodate various needs, including correct campus lot sizing and related capital projects prioritized within the Six Year Capital Improvement Plan.
  • Development of a financially sustainable model for Transportation and Parking Services to maintain services at Ohio University, including parking lot maintenance and transit services.

Since Fall 2017, both University Planning and Transportation and Parking Services have been meeting and collaborating with numerous campus departments and stakeholders to better understand their unique parking and transportation needs and to gather feedback regarding their concerns and recommendations for improving parking on the Athens Campus.

University Planning stressed that continued feedback from both the Athens campus and the community will be essential to informing their team of future opportunities and next steps in the overall Parking Master Plan process.

The survey is currently available online and will remain available through Tuesday, April 24. Feedback may also be submitted electronically to: planning@ohio.edu.

Further details about OHIO’s Parking Master Plan are available online via University Planning.