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Affordability and Efficiency Purchasing Work Group established

As communicated last fall, the Ohio Task Force on Affordability and Efficiency has directed that Ohio University comply with various mandates and directives to maintain high quality education while decreasing institutional costs. There are several initiatives underway on campus that support these mandates. 

Along with the state, Ohio University is collaborating with the Inter-University Council Purchasing Group (IUC-PG), a long-standing consortium of purchasing officers at State of Ohio institutions of higher education. The goal of this group is to achieve standardized contracting requirements, standard methods of operation, and to buy at optimum quantity discounts. The creation of Price Agreements for use by members of the IUC-PG has been a charge of the group. Ohio University will utilize those Price Agreements, as well as agreements created by other consortia and our own agreements awarded via RFP to create a preferred vendor list that must be used by University employees. 

Representatives from across the University were recruited to participate in the Affordability and Efficiency (AE) Work Group to create a roll out plan of the preferred vendor list for the institution. The AE Work Group is using a common sense approach to implement these state-issued mandates.

To comply with the Task Force mandate, the AE Work Group has separated commodities (also known as goods and services) into the following timelines for review beginning May 1:

  • 0-3 months – office supplies, computer supplies, janitorial supplies and services
  • 6-12 months – travel, printing and copier supplies and services, web supplies and services, graphic design, and videography services
  • 12-18 months –specialized research supplies, facilities management, safety supplies, and international procurement 

While the institution must use preferred vendors as part of the mandate, the AE Work Group recognizes that there are times when exemptions are necessary. An exemption process is underway for specialized items that cannot be purchased through preferred channels. The AE Work Group will share additional details regarding policies and process as it progresses with its charge.

Below is a list of the AE Work Group members who are collaborating on this initiative:

Heather Krugman, co-chair

Provost, Communication

Laura Nowicki, co-chair

Procurement and Contracts

April Ritchie

College of Arts and Sciences

Becky MacCombs

Russ College of Engineering and Technology

Gwyn Scott


Mike Finney

Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs

Shelley Ruff

Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine

Steve Wood

Facilities Management and Safety

Tim Knavel


For questions or more information please contact one of the work group members listed above.