President Roderick J. McDavis

President Roderick J. McDavis

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Farewell open house cancelled

President Roderick J. McDavis sent the following message to the Ohio University community on Feb. 7, 2017.

Dear Colleagues,

Deborah and I were very touched when our staff came forward several weeks ago with the plans to hold a farewell event in our honor. We have so many happy memories from our time as President and First Lady of Ohio University and we thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to gather together, reminisce and thank all those who have worked side-by-side with us the past 13 years. We have been looking forward to it for weeks.

Unfortunately, the Office of the President has been informed of a planned protest at the same time and place as the farewell event this afternoon. We want to be sure that campus is not going to be open to more difficulties and stress at the expense of a farewell to us. We know so many of you respect and hold us in a high regard, and that itself is enough to let us know we have all their blessings and well wishes. We also have concerns for our OUPD officers and want to avoid unnecessary run-ins between OUPD officers and protestors who feel they have legitimate issues and concerns. 

So, we have decided to cancel the farewell event this afternoon. We thank you for your support and collegiality these past 13 years. We will keep you close in our hearts and will continue to support this outstanding community now and in the future.


Roderick J. McDavis