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Financial System Enhancements reaches major milestones

The Financial System Enhancements (FSE) project represents a combination of initiatives planned to be available in November 2017 including the Chart of Accounts Redesign (COA), a new Financial Approvers tool and the new Oracle Grants Accounting Module. Each of these building blocks will be supported by detailed reporting capabilities within Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) and thorough training.

The FSE Project team will reach a major milestone in February as the first fully converted instance of the General Ledger (GL) will be complete. This will enable the project team to begin testing and interacting with real data in the new COA structure. In addition to converting the GL data, the Project Team will also set-up Grants data for demonstration and testing purposes. With the conversion, users will begin to see how the data will be mapped in the General Ledger and the Oracle Grants Accounting Module. The new Chart of Accounts will introduce two unique account strings, one for the General Ledger and a separate for “Grants”. The Oracle Grants Accounting Module will be used to track what is currently tracked in the Projects module - capital projects and sponsored projects; the Grants module can also be used to track internal awards (research incentives, start-up funds, professional development grants, etc.). Utilizing the Oracle Grants Accounting module will provide the flexibility to track activity both by fiscal year and project period. There will also be a Grants reporting dashboard that will enable faculty and staff to view the status of their projects and awards within OBI.

Enhanced HR/Payroll OBI dashboards are in development and are planned to be available in spring 2017. Releasing these dashboards prior to the release of the other Financial System Enhancements will allow impacted users to become comfortable using dashboards within OBI, before leveraging them more heavily when the Financial and Grants Dashboards are released with the updated COA and Oracle Grants Accounting Module in November. Each dashboard will have multiple tabs for various inquires and reports and will replace the current FMS Reports. Pilot groups will be identified to vet usability and to ensure these dashboards meet campus needs.

The COA Partner Group met in late January to discuss COA training requirements, specifically around the Function segment of the General Ledger as use of this segment will be new to campus. The function segment will be used for external reporting to the state and federal government and helps describe the purpose or function of the spending. For example, instruction, public service, and fundraising represents the functions that will be tracked in the Function segment of the new Chart of Accounts.

A financial systems website is currently being developed and will house information regarding the Oracle Grants Accounting Module, Financial Approvers, and OBI Dashboards as well as provide centralized access to financial and HR related systems and associated news. This is planned to be available in the spring of 2017.

With all of this change, effective training is a top priority. As such, the FSE Change Network will meet in February to review a draft training schedule and provide feedback to help accommodate the diverse training needs as well as help determine the most feasible training windows for all impacted users.

Questions? Visit the COA Website for information, reach out directly to your Planning Unit’s Change Network member(s) to share feedback or ask questions, or contact the FSE Project Team at