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Announcement Regarding The Chart of Accounts Redesign Project

With the implementation of Responsibility Centered Management (RCM), the way Ohio University budgets and reports results against the budget plan have significantly changed. It became apparent that a redesign effort should be considered for the current Chart of Accounts (COA) to better align with the RCM budget model and framework. As a result, the University has engaged Navigator Management Partners to assist in this effort. 

The project consists of two major phases. The first phase, Planning and Assessment, is underway and is expected to be completed by the end of this calendar year. The Implementation Phase for the new COA structure will begin early next year with an expected completion date during late summer or fall 2016.

As part of the Planning and Assessment Phase, the project team is working with the University to review, analyze and understand the current use of the COA in their daily work activity. In addition, the project team is working with subject matter experts across the University to review current state reporting methods and requirements. During this process the team will identify areas for improvement with the goal to drive out current inefficiencies and move forward with potential opportunities.

The COA redesign will impact the entire University and many of its systems. Several approaches are being used to assess the current state and gather input from the campus community. Interviews and workshops began in June and continued through August with academic departments and academic support units. In August, a user survey was distributed to system and report users to assess the usage of the current COA by various stakeholders. The survey results are being used to make future recommendations for the new COA.

In late September or early October, design sessions will be held to review a proposed COA based on the feedback gathered from the survey, interviews, and system users. Towards the end of the calendar year, campus stakeholders will have an opportunity to see the new COA and provide feedback. The final new COA design will be completed in early 2016.

Below is the planned timeframe for Design Phase execution. 

Chart of Accounts - Design Phase Timeline

If you have any questions or would like more information please send an email to coa@ohio.edu.