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Chart of Accounts project activities for Spring 2017 go live

The Chart of Accounts (COA) Redesign Project Team is completing a series of mapping activities with representatives from each Planning Unit with a completion date scheduled for mid-July. Participants first learned about new COA segment definitions, cross-validation rules and segment values in the Introductory Mapping Session Overview. In the subsequent Mapping Workshops, participants converted old data to new segment values for their respective planning units. Additional Mapping Workshops will be offered in June to allow participants to complete the assignment of segment values. Once segment values are updated and validated by each planning unit, the COA Redesign Project activities will focus on loading and testing the data using business critical scenarios.

Beginning in late Summer to mid Fall 2016, users across campus impacted by the COA Redesign will have an opportunity to gain insight into the ‘look and feel’ of the new COA structure. These awareness sessions will build understanding of the new segment definitions, the assignment of values from mapping sessions, and reporting highlights for reporting users. Beginning in January, users will have access to a wide range of training activities designed to meet their needs for entering and reporting financial information.

To augment user-facing training activities, a newly composed team of representatives across campus, the COA Change Network, is being established to support the transition to the new COA structure. The Change Network members will be leveraged to support the deployment across their respective Planning Units. To effectively prepare users, the Change Network will provide feedback on how to support users in the adoption of new COA structure and reporting capabilities. Change Network meetings will be held for Change Network members between Summer 2016-Spring 2017.   

Recent planning has turned to Grants Accounting as these two projects will launch together in Spring 2017. Additional information will be available this summer and the planning activities for Grants Accounting implementation will involve campus representation through involvement from various Partner Groups. For additional project-related updates and information on the COA Account Redesign Project, refer to the Chart of Accounts Redesign website.

For more information regarding the mapping exercises, visit the Chart of Accounts Campus Involvement page.

If you have questions about the Chart of Accounts redesign, please contact the Chart of Accounts Project Team at coa@ohio.edu