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Changes to expense reimbursement processing, payroll direct deposit announced 

With the implementation of the R12 upgrade, some efficiencies have been implemented to streamline the process of expense reimbursement payments. Effective Aug. 4, reimbursement payments started being direct deposited into the employee’s bank account (if on file), or mailed to the employee’s home address. 

Direct deposit of reimbursement payments benefits employees by giving them access to funds faster and more securely. An enhancement also was implemented to allow employees to have multiple direct deposit accounts for their payroll funds.

Reimbursement payments will be made in the following ways:

Accounts payable direct deposit: For employees who participate in payroll direct deposit, a one-time program has been run to set up employee expense reimbursements to be direct deposited into primary payroll direct deposit bank accounts for payroll direct deposit.

Anytime an employee changes their primary payroll direct deposit account, their expense reimbursement direct deposit account also will be changed. More information about payroll direct deposit accounts is provided below.

Please note that this may be a change for employees who had previously set up their expense reimbursements to be deposited to an account other than their payroll direct deposit account. 

When the University is making a deposit to bank accounts, employees will receive an email message notifying them of the upcoming payment. The email is sent from accounts.payable@ohio.edu and has the subject “Notice of Direct Deposit Employee Reimbursement Payment.” 

Paper reimbursement checks: For employees who do not participate in direct deposit, expense reimbursement checks will be mailed to their home address on file with Human Resources. Checks will no longer be issued to employee office addresses or be available for pick-up at the Finance Customer Care Center. 

A home address appears on employee paychecks and is used to mail W2 forms. To verify the current home address, check “My Personal Information" (MPI) in Oracle at www.ohio.edu/ebiz/myhr.html. If the main address needs changed, select the “Update” button to make changes. Contact Payroll Services at 740-593-1860 with questions.

Please note that Accounts Payable does not have the ability to override or change home addresses.

Payroll direct depost: The direct deposit options for payroll checks was expanded in the R12 upgrade. Employees may now provide up to six different accounts with the option of specifying either a flat dollar amount or percentage of pay to be deposited into each one. One account must be specified to receive remaining pay and is considered the primary direct deposit account. The primary account is the same one used for the direct deposit of expense reimbursement payments (referenced above).

There are two options to make changes to direct deposit information, including making changes online through MPI, or completing and submitting a paper direct deposit form to Payroll Services at www.ohio.edu/finance/payroll/upload/PR_direct_deposit.pdf.

To make changes online, log in to MPI at www.ohio.edu/ebiz/myhr.html and select the “Manage Payments” option. To add additional accounts, click the “Add Deposit Payment” button and follow the screen prompts to populate the account information fields.

Documentation about managing payments is posted on the payroll training page, located at www.ohio.edu/finance/payroll/workforcepage.cfm.

Please contact Payroll Services at 740-593-1860 or payroll@ohio.edu with additional questions.

The information contained in this message was submitted by the Office of Finance and Administration.