logan paul2

Logan Paul, a first-year student at Ohio University, films a Vine video Friday outside of Lincoln Hall on the Athens Campus.

Photographer: Angie Brock

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Bobcat Nation invited to join in 'supervine' on Sunday

Only one month into fall semester and you may already know first-year Ohio University student Logan Paul. His creativity has earned him more than 900,000 followers on Vine, a mobile application that allows its users to create and post six-second videos. For Paul’s next Vine project, he is soliciting the help of his fellow Bobcats.

A resident of Westlake, Paul said he was attracted to Vine by the simplicity and brevity of the videos, commenting that everyone has six seconds to watch a video. Most of Paul’s videos include stunts and public pranks.

Paul has been creating videos since he was in middle school and said he began making YouTube videos with his brother as a form of entertainment. Since coming to the Athens Campus, Paul has created a video every day and has enlisted the help of his roommates who often serve as his cameramen.

“Logan is very outgoing and energetic. I liked him immediately,” Brad Morrissey, one of Paul’s roommates, said. “Two weeks after moving into a dorm with him, a friend asked me if I realized that my roommate was popular on Vine.”

Paul said he was drawn to Ohio University by its beautiful campus, which he considers an ideal background for his videos due to not only its aesthetics but also its constant student activity. Students on the Athens Campus have recognized him from his videos and have responded positively. That recognition, he said, has led him to make many new friends.

“Be yourself. I'm a weird guy and I like to have fun in unconventional ways,” Paul said. “People look at me really weird sometimes, but that's when you have to give them a weirder look back."

Another reason Paul decided to become a Bobcat was the University’s engineering program. Paul enjoys math and science and received two scholarships to attend Ohio University. He is currently an industrial systems engineering major – a major, he said, that offers him a stable career compared to the entertainment industry. Due to his current success on Vine, however, he has begun looking into minoring in media production.

In anticipation of reaching one million followers on Vine, Paul is filming a “supervine” at 4 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 29, at the Front Four on Ohio University’s South Green and is inviting the entire Bobcat community to participate. A “supervine” is a video that involves a large gathering of people. Paul’s “supervine,” which will be a thank you to his fans, will include members of the OHIO family shouting, “OU, Oh Yeah!” All are encouraged to attend.

“It's awesome to induce that type of energy in people, especially on Vine,” said Paul.