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Company founded by chemical engineering professor wins Silicon Valley startup award

E3 Clean Technologies, a company founded by Russ Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Gerardine Botte, cleaned up at the Launch: Silicon Valley award presentation June 4 in Mountain View, Calif.

The company's Greenbox technology, which can clean smog-forming emissions from diesel and industrial exhaust or treat wastewater while creating free hydrogen fuel as a byproduct, won the hosting organization SVForum's highest honor, "most likely to succeed," in the clean energy category.

E3 Clean Technologies was one of 30 companies chosen from 300 to present at the event to a panel of venture capitalists assembled by SVForum, a non-profit group that supports technology entrepreneurs and product developers.

"The judges are familiar with investment and had a good sense of the importance of E3's technology, its state of development, and our approach to market," said Botte, who is internationally recognized for her research on and development of ammonia and hydrogen-based fuel cells. "The beauty of E3's products is that they provide a solution today to water remediation and air pollution problems with a great value proposition in multiple markets without the need of government incentives."

The first researcher to efficiently convert urea, found in human wastewater, into an alternative fuel source using electrochemical techniques, commonly known as "pee-to-power," Botte was recently made a fellow of the National Academy of Inventors.

For its seventh year, Launch: Silicon Valley put new technology from its presenters in front of potential investors and industry experts to help bring innovations successfully to the marketplace.

E3 Clean Technologies produces an Ammonia Greenbox for treating wastewater, leaving clean water and hydrogen fuel as the only byproducts, as well as an SCR Greenbox, which uses a selective catalytic reduction system to eliminate nitrogen from industrial and diesel exhaust.

"The recognition of E3 Clean Technologies by Launch: Silicon Valley is testimony to the importance of its technologies to advance sustainability, as well as its viability as a commercial enterprise," said Joseph Shields, vice president for research and creative activity and dean of Ohio University's Graduate College. "Startup companies like E3 that have their origins in Ohio University research benefit our students, faculty and the people of Ohio."

Presenters in previous years raised a collective $145 million in venture capital following their participation in the event. This year's attendees and investors took notice of E3's exceptional business potential with the CleanTech award.

"We're starting to see the effects. Now we have access to a lot of connections in Silicon Valley," Botte said. "It is amazing to see how fast things move in Silicon Valley. E3 is following up on those connections to secure the financial resources to accelerate the entrance of the Ammonia GreenBox and SCR GreenBox into the market."