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Student Testimonials

Kay Collins

Kay Collins

Major - Photojournalism

"Akan is such a beautiful language. This class is teaching me so much more about an amazing culture. I will be able to make more friends from different backgrounds and learn new things from them. I am excited to incorporate my learnings into my major."

Vanessa Berget Torrington

Vanessa Berget

"Since I started learning Akan, it has been amazing. I am really enjoying my language learning experience mainly because my professor is very understanding and encouraging. The classroom environment is so relaxing that I am not afraid to make mistakes. It's the most fun I have had learning a language. I really like the class because my professor is very humorous and gives great examples. I would encourage other students to take this class, Elementary Akan because it's a great combination of learning and fun!"

Megan Westervelt

MFA Candidate, Communication Media Arts, Scripps College of Communication

Recipient of Critical Language Scholarship (Indonesian) - Summer 2020

Megan Westervelt

"My elementary Bahasa Indonesia classes have been transformative! My instructor, Agam, and fellow Indonesian students also studying and teaching at OU have invested so much in my language learning that I’ve been able to excel much faster with my speaking and writing, the most difficult skills, than if I were studying on my own. The small class size allows for one-on-one, personalized in-class activities and more hands-on, interactive learning. Even the final project has been tailored to my passion for video production. I look so forward to going to class every day and to creating meaningful collaboration in Indonesia in the future with my language skills! My classes with Agam have broadened my understanding of Indonesian people and culture beyond anything I could have learned from a book or online browsing. I feel so well prepared and excited to travel there now."

Ashley Kafton

MA in International Development Studies (2018-2020)

Graduate Assistant for World Languages (2018-2019)

Graduate Assistant for CIS Undergraduate Programs (2019-2020)

President, Southeast Asian Student Association (SEASA) (2019-2020)

Ashley Kafton

“Learning Thai at OU has opened up many doors for me academically and professionally. I was able to conduct research in Chiang Mai, Thailand this past summer and I am well prepared to work for a multitude of international organizations. It has also given me a better appreciation for and understanding of the rich diversity of the world, which has helped my personal growth toward being a better global citizen.”

James J. Fisher

James Fisher

James J. Fisher is a PhD student in the Ohio University History department under Dr. Assan Sarr. He has a BA in History and Black World Studies, and an MA in African History. His research deals with popular culture, particularly music, in the Black Atlantic. His current work focuses mainly on the intersection between socio-political activism and music in the Senegambia. He is in his second year of Wolof studies, which he is learning to better be able to conduct research in the Senegambia, where Wolof is the most-widely spoken language.