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Student Testimonials

A class taking a photo

Erin Perko, African Studies

The most surprising thing that I learned from my time at OU/Athens was the strong friendships that would be built between myself and my cohort/classmates. We take care of each other and are like a second family!

Godwin Haruna, Communication and Development Studies

Enrolling in the Communication and Development Studies program at Ohio University has broadened my horizon and I have learnt that in all epochs, development is at the core of humanity. And communication remains an important channel to drive the process of development across all regions of the world.

Lassane Ouedraogo, African Studies

The programs at the Center for International Studies are interdisciplinary by nature. As students with a wide range of interests, we are exposed to a variety of scholarships and though systems and we are free to pursue our individual specific academic interests while maintaining a holistic understanding of our own fields.

Liudmila Pestun, International Development Studies

Athens is a small place. It is a bubble. But there is much happening inside this bubble - you never get bored. And International Studies are bubble inside the bubble. However, you meet amazing, smart, inspiring, and fun people from all over the world. You will make very close friendships within very short time so that every time you leave this bubble inside the bubble you want to come back badly.

Paige Klunk, International Development Studies

One of the thing I would be eager to share is how quickly I have formed bonds with my classmates and colleagues. Even though my program represents many nations from around the globe, we are really like a family. The Center for International Studies and International Development Studies have helped me create friendships and connections that will certainly last a lifetime.

Radityo Aryo Hutomo, Asian Studies

The most surprising thing that I learned about OU is: That it houses the 2nd largest library resources on Southeast Asia in the U.S., which can be found in the first floor of Alden library. It doesn't only have books on and from Southeast Asia but also journals, magazines, movies, and even music.

Sharif Whab, International Development Studies

  1. Each first year IDS graduate student is tagged with a mentor from second year. The mentor can help solving academic problems, choosing on course and provide proper guidance.
  2. Double major (e.g. major in Geography and health, economics and anthropology etc.) is possible from IDS.