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Affiliated Faculty and Staff

Associate Director, Center for International Studies
Yamada International House, Room 102
Assistant Director for Student Success and Communications
Yamada 104
Director of the Center for International Studies and Associate Professor of Anthropology
Bentley Annex 131
Director of International Development Studies and Professor, Political Science
Bentley Annex 215
Director of Latin American Studies and Associate Professor of Instruction, Modern Languages
Gordy 331 and Yamada 115
Director of African Studies Professor, English & African Literature
Yamada 113
World Languages Coordinator Associate Professor, Instruction of Thai & World Languages
Yamada 215
Director of Communication & Development Studies and Associate Professor, School of Media Arts and Studies
Yamada 116
Administrative Services Assistant, Center for International Studies
Yamada 107
Director of Asian Studies Professor, Political Science
Yamada 114 /Bentley Annex 231
Interim Director of War and Peace Studies and Professor of Political Science
Bentley Annex 219