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Global Studies - Latin America

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The Global Studies - Latin America major promotes a greater understanding of Latin America through academic coursework and language acquisition. At Ohio University nearly 25 faculty members from 10 disciplines are dedicated Latin American scholars. The field work they conduct throughout Latin America has produced an impressive list of academic publications. The faculty’s research and experience in the region create an intellectual atmosphere where students are challenged to understand Latin America within a context of regional and global change.

Required Coursework

Majors are required to complete three years of Spanish or Portuguese language courses and study abroad or intern in Latin America. Students must consult with their advisor and the Office of Global Opportunities before committing to an internship or study abroad program. For a complete list of current program requirements, please see the course catalog.

Not interested in a Global Studies major? Check out our Certificate in Latin American Studies.

Eligibility and Application Requirements

Students interested in pursuing a bachelor's degree in Latin American Studies can apply to the program through Undergraduate Admissions. The Center for International Studies does not currently have any selective or limited application requirements.

Apply Now

Current Ohio University students who wish to change their major or add a second major can apply to do so online.

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For more information, please contact a faculty member.

Dr. Catherine Cutcher
Assistant Director
Undergraduate Programs
Center for International Studies
Yamada International House 106
Ohio University
Athens, OH 45701
(740) 597-2756

Dr. Arthur Hughes
Director of Latin American Studies
Associate Professor, Department of Modern Languages
Center for International Studies
Yamada International House 115
Athens, OH 45701