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Graduate Programs

The Master of Arts in Global Studies Program offers six interdisciplinary degree programs which seek to prepare students to develop global competence. These programs are:


Master of Arts in African Studies

The African Studies Program at Ohio University provides students, scholars, and members of the broader community opportunities to develop their understanding of this important world region. As an inter-disciplinary program, the African Studies Program strives to provide students with a strong grounding in the traditional African Studies core disciplines (including political science, anthropology, history, geography, literature) while giving them the opportunity to form their course of study around their professional and academic goals. Themes include the socioeconomic development of the continent in the context of Africa's grand cultural and historical traditions. Students may also view the study of Africa as an excellent case-study of the process of social change in the developing world.


Master of Arts in International Development Studies

Through the Center for International Studies, Ohio University offers a program leading to the Master of Arts in International Studies degree in International Development. The International Development Studies (IDS) Program seeks to produce graduates who will become development practitioners – professionals acting as catalysts and facilitators of change in developing contexts. The IDS program incorporates a multidisciplinary approach and perspective, combining theory, methods, practical application, research, and technical concentration.

The program is two years, provides a broad viewpoint of issues and problems related to change and growth in a development context, and requires students to build upon a core set of classes, plus selecting a concentration in one of four technical areas: environment, gender, health, or social sciences.


Master of Arts in Communication & Development Studies

The M.A. degree offered through the Communication & Development Studies program focuses on using communication to promote social change. The curriculum encompasses core courses that emphasize topics and proficiencies related to communication for development, strategic communications, and participatory research methods.


Master of Arts in Latin American Studies

Latin American Studies is an interdisciplinary master's degree program that promotes a greater understanding of Latin America within a context of regional and global change. Housed at the Center for International Studies of Ohio University, and partnered with other university programs and initiatives, Latin American Studies offers its students a diverse academic and work environment and a range of opportunities for intellectual exchange, research collaborations, internships, study abroad, and language acquisition.


Master of Arts in Asian Studies

The Asian Studies program at Ohio University is an interdisciplinary program that strives to provide students with a strong grounding in core disciplines that constitute Asian Studies (including political science, history, anthropology, geography, linguistics) while giving them the opportunity to form their course of study around their professional and academic goals.


Master of Arts in War and Peace Studies

The MA degree offered through the War and Peace Studies program at the Athens campus is designed to prepare students interested in careers in international affairs related to the complex dynamics of peace, conflict, and violence. As the only interdisciplinary MA program in Ohio that emphasizes both conflict and peace building dynamics, students can expect to graduate with 21st century skills directed at solving some of the most challenging issues of our time.


The Master of Arts in International Studies also offers several Certificate Programs