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Global Studies - Europe

Ohio University students tour Toledo, Spain with tour guide.

Europe maintains vital cultural and political influence on a global scale. The Global Studies - Europe program is designed to prepare students to understand the changing nature of European economics, culture, and politics.  The interdisciplinary nature of the program provides students with a broad understanding of Europe applicable for a wide variety of professions.  Ohio University offers a large number of study abroad, exchange, and internship opportunities across the continent.

Required Coursework  

This interdisciplinary program offers 250 courses across the university, 6 world languages, study abroad programs, and internship opportunities throughout Europe. Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies are to complete all of OHIO University's general education requirements and College of Arts and Sciences requirements. They will also enroll in core global studies courses and have the opportunity to choose electives based on their interests. To see current program requirements, please visit the course catalog.

Students must also complete three years (6 semesters) of world language study. European Studies students may choose among French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish to fulfil this requirement.  

All students in the European Studies program are required to study away or intern in Europe for at least five weeks. Students should consult with their advisor and the Office of Global Opportunities before committing to an internship or study abroad program. Ohio University offers numerous scholarship and financial aid opportunities to support international experiences.

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Eligibility and Application Requirements

Interested students can apply to the Global Studies - Europe program through Undergraduate Admissions. The Center for International Studies does not currently have any selective or limited application requirements.

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Current Ohio University students who wish to change their major or add a second major can apply to do so online.

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Dr. Catherine Cutcher
Assistant Director, Undergraduate Programs
Center for International Studies
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Dr. James Mosher
Associate Professor, Political Science
Bentley Annex 235