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About the Program

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The M.A. degree offered through the Communication & Development Studies program focuses on using communication to promote social change. The curriculum encompasses core courses that emphasize topics and proficiencies related to communication for development, strategic communications, and participatory research methods.

To suit their individual objectives, students then build upon this core by devising a curriculum that draws upon courses in graduate programs from across the university. The Comm Dev program is one of only a few master's degree programs in the world that focuses on communication for development and social change.

Comm Dev graduates tend to seek professional careers working for international NGOs, non-profit organizations in the U.S., government agencies, and as consultants. Many also seek careers as teachers and in higher education. Each year at least a few graduates enroll in Ph.D. programs.

Incoming cohorts average between 10-15 students, with approximately three-quarters of them coming from outside the United States. Communication & Development Studies students somewhat invariably include, among others, Fulbright Scholars, Ford Foundation Scholars, and Return Peace Corps Volunteers. The program offers financial assistance to competitive applicants.

Further questions about the Communication & Development Studies program can be directed to Dr. Saumya Pant.