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African Humanitarian Studies Certificate

A Ghanian child

Program Overview

Overview: The purpose of the Graduate Certificate in African Humanitarian Studies is to channel the growing interest shown by students today in research and careers related to humanitarian interventions in non-western settings related to poverty, natural disasters, and conflict. While African Studies at Ohio University presents a holistic view of the continent there is call to focus on the role of the world community in resolving some of Africa’s most pressing humanitarian issues. The Certificate takes advantage of the faculty members teaching in association with the Ohio University National Resource Center for African Studies and the Institute for the African Child, as well as faculty in programs such as International Development Studies, Communication and Development Studies, or Public Administration. There are only handfuls or American universities offering a similar program.

Students plan their course of study for the Certificate with the assistance of the program advisor. They may choose to focus on project planning for interventions, on the culture or politics of humanitarian crises and their aftermath, or on conflict resolution studies. Courses chosen for study in the Certificate provide tools for students wishing to advance a career related to this field.

Opportunities Upon Graduation: Many students pursuing graduate study in internationally-focused fields at Ohio University are seeking careers in governmental and nongovernmental organizations that plan and implement responses to humanitarian crises in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The Graduate Certificate in African Humanitarian Studies will appeal to those students who may have had internship experiences abroad with such organizations and seek to upgrade their credentials for further employment, or to help students seeking jobs with these organizations to focus their course work in that direction. Research on humanitarian interventions is needed as well and some students may seek the credential to shape dissertation and other research projects.

Contact For More Information:

Dr. Steve Howard

Course Catalog

Core Requirements:

Students should complete 12 credit hours of core courses in humanitarian studies.

  • MPA 5680: Non-profit Fundraising (3.0HR)
  • MPA 5890: Non-profit Management (3.0HR)
  • POLS 5560: International Organization (3.0HR)
  • POLS 5410: African Politics (3.0HR)
  • GEOG 5410: Geography of Hunger and Food Security (4.0HR)
  • ECON 5500: Development Economics (4.0HR)
  • INST 5903: Special Topics in Africa (4.0HR)
  • EDAD 7310: Conflict Management in Educational Administration (4.0HR)
  • JOUR 5670: Foreign Correspondence (3.0HR)
  • POLS 5880: Environmental and Public Policy Dispute Resolution (3.0HR)
  • COMS 6200: Communication in Social Conflict (4.0HR)



Students should complete four (4) credit hours of elective courses.

  • ANTH 5450: Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective (3.0HR)
  • ANTH 5530: Anthropology of Violence and Peace (3.0HR)
  • ANTH 5550: Medical Anthropology (3.0HR)
  • ANTH 5944: Seminar in Human Ecology (3.0HR)
  • HLTH 6140: Public Health Services in Underserved Rural Populations (3.0HR)
  • HLTH 6150: Maternal and Child Health in Africa (3.0HR)
  • HLTH 6240: Community Health Programs (3.0HR)
  • HLTH 6480: Ethical Issues in Health Care (3.0HR)
  • HLTH 6770: Grant and Proposal Writing in Public Health (3.0HR)
  • SW 5213: Child Abuse and Neglect (3.0HR)
  • SW 6822: Designing Rural Services (3.0HR)
  • SOC 5650: Social Change (3.0HR)
  • POLS 5400: The Politics of Developing Areas (3.0HR)
  • POLS 5565: International Human Rights (3.0HR)
  • EDAD 7072: Education & Development in Developing Countries (3.0HR)
  • EDAD 8800: Rural Schools and Communities (4.0HR)
  • ECON 5150: Economics of Health Care (4.0HR)
  • GEOG 5480: Migration and Development (4.0HR)
  • GEOG 5310: Geography of Africa (4.0HR)
  • GEOG 5580: Environmental Hazards (4.0HR)
  • GEOG 5470: Natural Resource Conservation (4.0HR)
  • GEOG 5450: Gender, Environment, and Development (4.0HR)
  • ES 5250: Watershed Management (3.0HR)
  • ES 6830: Concepts in Environmental Sustainability (3.0HR)
  • INST 5901: Special Topics in Africa: Contemporary Issues in Africa (4.0HR)
  • INST 5902: Special Topics in Africa: Literature, Media, and the Arts (4.0HR)
  • INST 5101: Seminar for the African Child (4.0HR)
  • COMS 5200: Cross-Cultural Communication (4.0HR)
  • COMS 6210: Negotiation and Mediation (4.0HR)
  • HIST 5213: War, Violence, Modernity (4.0HR)
  • HIST 5411: History of Africa Since 1850 (4.0HR)
  • ANTH 5620: Human Rights, Law and Justice (3.0HR)



Students should complete four (4) hours of capstone project in African humanitarian studies.

  • INST 6930: Independent Study (1.0-4.0HR)
  • INST 6940: Professional Project (1.0-10.0HR)