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Sally Delgado

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Program Overview

The Museum Studies Certificate offers students from a variety of disciplines and majors the opportunity to develop general knowledge of museum operations and practices. This multi-disciplinary approach recognizes the diverse nature of the museum field. The program distinguishes itself by emphasizing the visitor experience throughout all aspects of museum decision-making and planning processes.

The certificate is designed to add value to existing degrees in multiple disciplines by providing students with skill sets required by institutions including, but not limited to museums, educational and interpretive centers, and similar organizations promoting public outreach and education. The program also provides a foundation for students pursuing advanced studies in the field of Museum Studies. Students are exposed to the inner operations of non-profit arts and cultural heritage organizations; are provided an opportunity to work hands-on with objects and artifacts; are immersed in current museum methods and cultural heritage literature; and are provided networking and resumé-building opportunities.

To earn the Museum Studies Certificate, students must successfully complete two core courses, Museum Fundamentals I (ART 3100/5100) and Museum Fundamentals II - Practicum/Foundation Field II (ART 3922/5922), and 15 credit hours (undergraduate students) OR 12 credit hours (graduate students) of approved elective courses taken from a minimum of two areas.

Admissions Information

Admission requires a junior, senior or graduate standing to enroll, a letter of recommendation from a faculty member in the major discipline of the student, an application essay stating how the Museum Studies Certificate meets the academic goals of the student, and acceptance into the program. Completed application form should be sent to: Museum Studies Review Committee, School of Art + Design, Seigfred Hall, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, 45701 or emailed to Sally Delgado at

Opportunities Upon Graduation

Students representing a broad range of disciplines will participate in the Museum Studies Certificate Program. This program helps prepare students interested in working in museums, in educational and interpretive centers, or in similar organizations promoting public outreach and education. In addition, the program provides a foundation for students interested in pursuing advanced degrees in Museum Studies.

For complete program requirements please see the Ohio University catalog: Museum Studies Certificate Program Requirements

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