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A printable version of OHIO’s PA program’s prerequisite guidelines and course equivalents can be found here.

  • All prerequisite courses must be completed at the pre-medical or pre-health science level at a Regionally Accredited U. S. institution.
  • At the time of CASPA application, candidates may have 1-2 outstanding prerequisite courses. Courses that are "in progress" at the time of CASPA application are considered outstanding.
  • Outstanding prerequisite courses must be completed, in progress of, or registered for by the time of interview scheduling (August). Failure to meet this requirement will result in closure of the CASPA application.
  • No candidate will be eligible for matriculation unless all prerequisite coursework is complete by December 31.
  • Candidates must provide an updated transcript and/or proof of course registration to the OHIO PA Program upon request. Candidates must also update CASPA as outstanding prerequisite courses are completed.
  • Human Anatomy (lecture and lab) and Human Physiology prerequisite courses must be taken within 5 years of matriculation.
  • All other science prerequisite courses, medical terminology and statistics must be taken within 10 years of matriculation.
  • General Psychology, Abnormal/Developmental Psychology and College Algebra have no expiration date.
  • No work/life, CLEP, technical, or vocational skill credit will be accepted in place of prerequisite courses.
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Credits may be accepted if taken within 10 years of matriculation and coursework is reported individually on official college transcripts.
  • Math and Science prerequisite courses are used to calculate the math/science GPA requirement.  General Psychology, Abnormal Psychology and Medical Terminology are not included in this calculation. Math/Science GPA must be a minimum of 3.0 to apply.
  • If a prerequisite course is repeated, the most recent grade will be considered. 
  • Alternative grades such as Pass or Satisfactory will be subject to further review. If given the option, applicants should elect to keep the standard letter grade for the course in progress. If an alternative (pass/satisfactory) grade is elected, a formal letter from the graduating institution verifying that a C or higher was earned in the course, will be required during the admissions process. OHIO's PA program reserves the right to decline coursework with alternative grades. 

Required Course

Semester Hours

Ohio University Equivalent

**Human Anatomy with lab1


BIOS 3010 + 3015

**Human Physiology with or without lab1


BIOS 3450 + 3455

*Biology with lab


BIOS 1700 + 1705

BIOS 1710 + 1715

*Microbiology with lab


BIOS 3220 + BIOS 3225

*General Chemistry with lab


CHEM 1510 + 1520

*Organic Chemistry with lab


CHEM 3010 + 3080



CHEM 4890



MATH 2500 or PSYCH 2110

College Algebra (or higher)


MATH 1200 or higher

General Psychology


PSYCH 1010

Abnormal, Developmental or

Physiological Psychology


PSYCH 2210, 2410, or 2710,

Medical Terminology


HLTH 2300

1 Anatomy and physiology can be taken as combined courses (Anatomy & Physiology I and II) for eight semester hours with lab.

(*) courses must be completed within 10 years of matriculation.

(**) courses must be completed within 5 years of matriculation.

 (#) courses are used to determine the prerequisite math and science GPA.

OHIO University Pre-PA Tracks

The College of Health Sciences and Professions (CHSP) undergraduate majors in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition Science; and the College of Arts and Sciences undergraduate major in Biological Sciences serve as OHIO University's Pre-PA tracks. See sample degree plans.

Contact undergraduate advising for more information about OHIO's Pre-PA tracks and other majors that are compatible with PA education: College of Health Sciences and Professions: College of Arts and Sciences:

Pre-Admission Questions

If applicants have questions about pre-admission coursework, please contact the Director of Admissions and Recruitment Denielle Vazquez via email