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Appalachian Rural Health Institute

Appalachian Rural Health Institute

The Ohio University Appalachian Rural Health Institute (ARHI) exists to encourage research and education on health issues relevant to the Appalachian region, rural communities and underserved populations. ARHI fosters the creation of interdisciplinary approaches to improve all aspects of rural health, interpreting the concept of health in the broadest sense in order to allow for creative innovations that address the physiological, psychological, social, economic, environmental, vocational, emotional, spiritual, and holistic aspects linked with well-being and quality of life.

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OHIO student selected for prestigious Appalachian Regional Commission Fellowship

Paige Miller, an Ohio University senior working toward a Bachelor’s of Specialized Studies program with a focus in journalism and history, has been selected as the Appalachian Teaching Fellow for the prestigious Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) 2021 class of fellowships.

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