The MDM Observatory buildings sit near Kitt Peak in Tuscon, Arizona.
MDM Observatory

Michigan-Dartmouth-MIT (MDM) Observatory

In January 2005, Ohio University joined the consortium of universities operating the Michigan-Dartmouth-MIT Observatory on Kitt Peak, Arizona.

The Michigan-Dartmouth-MIT (MDM) Observatory is an optical astronomical observatory located near Kitt Peak National Observatory on Kitt Peak ( west of Tucson, Arizona). It is owned and operated by the University of Michigan, Dartmouth College, Ohio State University, Columbia University and Ohio University. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was also part of the operating consortium in the past.

It has two reflecting telescopes:

  • Hiltner Telescope — 2.4-meter (95-inch aperture) Hiltner Telescope (since 1986) — used for galactic surveys
  • McGraw–Hill Telescope — 1.3-meter (50-inch diameter aperture) McGraw–Hill Telescope (since 1975) — originally located near Ann Arbor, Michigan
The MDM Observatory buildings sit near Kitt Peak in Tuscon, Arizona.
The MDM Observatory buildings sit near Kitt Peak in Tuscon, Arizona.
The MDM Observatory buildings sit near Kitt Peak in Tuscon, Arizona.
The MDM Observatory buildings sit near Kitt Peak in Tuscon, Arizona.


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