Institute for Applied and Professional Ethics


On March 29th (4:30-6:00pm), Stefan Bird-Pollan (U. Kentucky) will present the lecture, "Adorno’s Theory of the Cognitive Structure of Fascism"

This is an in person event: Scripps Hall #111

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The Institute for Applied and Professional Ethics advances practical ethical and moral understanding, analysis, and judgment. It promotes the application of techniques for making principled ethical decisions in an ever-changing world. It assists students and faculty of Ohio University and the larger community through interdisciplinary discussion, education, and collaboration.

Its particular focus is on applied and professional fields, where real-life ethical dilemmas and conflicts must be addressed and analyzed, and where ethical decision-making strategies are needed. Through research and educational activities -- such as public lectures, panel discussions, seminars, and workshops -- it addresses academics, professionals, business managers, public officials, policymakers, and the general public.

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