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University Standing Committees

Each year, based on nominations from the Committee on Committees, the University President appoints members of University Standing Committees. The Chairperson of each committee manages all aspects of committee operations, including communication with members, establishment of meeting schedule and location, development of recommendations, and delivery of recommendations to the appropriate University officials.

Students serve one-year terms, and faculty, administrative staff, classified staff, and community residents serve three-year terms on all University Standing Committees (except those appointed to fill vacancies in unexpired terms)


Administrative Senate Committees

There shall be the following standing committees, with the chairperson and vice chairperson of each being a Senator: (a) Personnel/Policies, (b) Professional Development, (c) Compensation, (d) Elections, (e) Outstanding Administrator Award, and (f) Service Awards. The membership of each committee may include administrators who are not Senators.

The Executive Committee shall appoint the chairperson and vice chairperson of each committee. The chairperson shall, in consultation with the Executive Committee, appoint Senators and others to committee membership.