History Q2S Transition FAQs

Why transitional advising?

The college and university are requiring that undergraduate majors complete and sign a transitional degree completion form with their major(s) advisor. They are intended to help ensure that students do not experience any delay in graduating as a result of the transition. After they are examined and signed by a representative of the department and the college they will be kept on file for future reference. Students expected to graduate BEFORE the Fall 2012 conversion to semesters will still need to sign a form acknowledging that they do NOT need transitional advising. Students who will transfer to semesters will need to have a transitional advising session with your major advisors. Students with multiple majors will need to have meetings with advisors in each major.

What happens if I do not follow the procedures herein?

If you do not meet with your advisor and complete the form by the time your advisor has asked you to, your advising hold may not be lifted thus preventing course registration. If your form is not completed by May 1st, 2011, then a university hold will be put on your account preventing you from registering in Fall 2012.

When does undergraduate transition advising begin?

Athens Campus Students: Fall 2011: Transition Advising of Seniors and Juniors will begin on Tuesday October 18, shortly before priority registration, and continue until the end of the quarter. Stay tuned for e-mailed announcements from your advisor about how and when to schedule your meeting. / Winter 2012: Sophs (Dates TBA) / Spring 2012: Freshmen and newly declared history majors. (Dates TBA)

Regional Campus Students: Regional advising will begin in the winter quarter and continue into the spring quarter, 2012. You will receive an e-mail with instructions about where on your campus to report for advising.

Graduate students who will be undergoing the transition will be handled on a case-by-case basis and should contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Professor John Brobst (brobst@ohio.edu).

How do I find my transition advisor?

Athens Campus Students: Your Q2S advisor will be your regular advisor. Check your my.ohio.edu if you don’t know who that is. (Some advisor changes may not be reflected until mid-quarter.) Regional Campus Students: Please contact the individual advisor listed below depending on your particular campus: Chillicothe: TBA / Eastern: Dr. David Castle (castle@ohio.edu) / Lancaster: Dr. Ping-Yuan Wang (wangp@ohio.edu) / Southern: Dr. Debbie Marinski (marinski@ohio.edu) / Zanesville: Dr. Korcaighe Hale (halek@ohio.edu).

How do I make an advising appointment?

History majors will be e-mailed directly by their specific advisors. They are then responsible for scheduling a transitional advising meeting. Students should promptly e-mail their advisor to schedule their appointment. For juniors & seniors this would be during the fall 2011 quarter, beginning on Tuesday October 18th.

What are the General Guidelines to consider for a transitioning major?

Students are still responsible for meeting the major requirements under their major catalog year of entry, including courses at the 100/1000 and 200/2000 levels, HIST 301J/3111J, and geographical and chronological distribution requirements. Under the transition they must accrue a minimum of 56 quarter hours or 37 semester hours within the major. Your transitional advising session with your advisor will help insure that you are on-track to graduate with the necessary requirements.

What are the General Guidelines to consider for a transitioning minor?

The history minor requires that students complete the equivalent of 28 quarter hours, which translates into 18 semester hours. That includes at least 5 hours at the 100/1000 or 200/2000 levels and at least 10 hours at the 300/3000 or 400/4000 levels.


What should I do to prepare for my advising appointment?

• Arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time.

• Pick up an updated DARS report at the department office or bring your own printed copy. For Athens students DARS may be picked up at Bentley Hall Annex 460 or 461, Monday–Friday, from 8:00-noon or 1:00-4:30.

• Review my.ohio.edu portal before your appointment.

• Review University Q2S information: http://www.ohio.edu/q2s/

• Review College of Arts and Sciences Q2S information: http://www.cas.ohiou.edu/AS_Q2S_Information.pdf

• Review and print the blank Transitional Degree Completion Planning (TDCP) form available here.

Here are some additional materials that students and advisors might find useful:

Draft Semester Schedule for Majors, Catalog Year 2010 and later / Draft Semester Schedule for Major, Catalog Years prior to 2010 / Course equivalents from quarter to semesters.

For more information:

Athens Campus Students: Dr. Brian Schoen / schoen@ohio.edu / 433 Bentley Hall Annex / 740-593-4351

Regional Campus Students: Dr. Korcaighe Hale / halek@ohio.edu / Herrold Hall, Zanesville Campus / 740-588-1545

Graduate Students: Dr. John Brobst/ brobst@ohio.edu / 468 Bentley Hall Annex / 740-593-4335