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Dr. Brad D. Jokisch, Associate Professor
Clippinger 114

Office Hours:

Ph.D., Clark U., 1998

My research interests lie at the nexus of population, environment, and development, mostly in Latin America. I am most interested in how migration and other population changes affect the environment, and in turn how development affects population change. My research in the Ecuadoran Andes has focused on land-use/cover change and the impact of transnational migration on landscapes and livelihoods. I followed Ecuadoran migrants to Spain (and metro New York) and conducted research in Ecuador’s Upper Amazon on demographic change and health among Shuar. I supervise graduate students on numerous environmental and migration related topics and I am very involved in Latin American Studies, Development Studies, and to a lesser extent, Environmental Studies.

Courses Taught:
  • Population Geography (3210/5210): every year
  • Geography of Latin America (3350/5350): every year
  • Introduction to Human Geography (1200): every year
  • Agricultural Ecosystems (3440/5440): every other year
  • Seminar on Population/Migration and Development: every other year


Representative publications:

2013 McSweeney, Kendra, Jokisch, Brad “Native Amazonians’ Strategic Urbanization: Shaping Territorial Possibilities through Cities” Journal of Latin American and Caribbean  Anthropology. 18(3) forthcoming.

2011 Jokisch, Brad, McSweeney, Kendra “Assessing the Potential of Indigenous-Run Demographic/Health Surveys: the 2005 Shuar Survey, Ecuador,” Human Ecology, 39(5):683-698.     

2010 Jokisch, Brad, Kyle, David “The Unintended Consequences of Migration: Exploring the Importance of Transnational Migration Between Ecuador and New York” pp. 147-158 in Transnational Social Work Practice, Columbia University Press, Nalini Negi, Rich Furman (eds.)

2009 Jokisch, Brad. “Making a Traditional Study Abroad Program Geographic: A Theoretically informed Regional Approach,” Journal of Geography. 108: 105-111.

2008 Jokisch, Brad, Kyle, David “Ecuadorian International Migration,” pp. 350-358, The Ecuador Reader Edited by Carlos de la Torre and Steve Striffler, Duke University Press.

2007 McSweeney, Kendra, Jokisch, Brad. “Beyond Rainforests: Urbanisation and Emigration among Lowland Indigenous Societies in Latin America,” Bulletin of Latin American Research 26(2): 159-180. 


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