Ann Paulins has always loved clothing and fashion. Learning to sew in fifth grade only increased this love, allowing her to make all her own clothes until she graduated from college. She would even sew and mend clothes for others as a part time job in high school.

Ann Paulins


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Paulins earned a bachelor’s of science in fashion merchandising from Ohio University. However, after graduating, Paulins realized there were more career opportunities in the management side of fashion, so she decided to return to Ohio University to pursue a master’s degree in textiles and clothing. During this time, she had the opportunity to teach a sewing class and instantly fell in love with teaching. After completing her Ph. D at The Ohio State University, Paulins returned to her home in Athens to begin teaching.

Paulins,chair of the Human and Consumer Sciences Education department, currently teaches classes both in the classroom and online at Ohio University to students studying fashion and retail merchandising. Because of this, she has had to adapt her course content, teaching methods and test processes to better fit the schedules of everyone involved, especially since she teaches full time students and full time employees of all ages.

“Challenges are really opportunities to learn,” says Paulins. “I have had the pleasure of gaining insight into the various life experience of my students. I have observed that we are all more like than we are different, and we gain tremendously through the opportunity to share our learning and previous knowledge with one another.”

Paulins says the greatest highlight of her career occurred this past year when she had the opportunity to accompany President Roderick McDavis and Dean Renée Middleton to confer an honorary doctorate degree on Violet Patton, benefactor of The Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education.

“(My job is) the most fun job in the world!” says Paulins.

Most of Paulins’ time is scheduled, but when she gets a spare moment, she enjoys reading, gardening and swimming. She also loves to hop on the back of her husband’s Harley Davidson motorcycle.